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  • Death at Ivywood
    342 86 11

    When Eugenie and Lucy move to the Cotswolds of England to visit their Grandmother, they find themselves searching for a new life there. By settling in with their grandmother, they start exploring what they could do with themselves - starting with their grandmothers produce business. As they reunite with old friends, A...

  • The World Divided
    159 35 6

    -UPDATES EVERY MONDAY- In Lyra's world, humans have the ability to control the elements, but one group of people decide to rise above everyone else. In doing so, they threaten the balance of her world. Without its harmony, good will become evil and evil will become good. Lyra Elberos doesn't know where she c...

  • Among the Fallen
    18.3K 1.5K 43

    **Featured in Wattpad's YA, MythandLegend, YASciFantasy, and Adventure Reading Lists** Lucian Roux is a youth burdened with a stained past and a Fallen future. Abused by his father, bullied by his peers, and cursed by the gods, his only chance of survival is to lie low and not to succumb to his inherent nature: one o...

  • Clashing Worlds
    93 16 4

    Zetsu Nozomu is a 13 years old middle school student, Lives in Tokyo Shibuya district, Japan together with his dad. One day he was walking home from school, when he was about to cross the street. A truck came at him, but just before he was hit, he teleported to weird place, what seemed to be a destroyed city. As Zets...

  • Stars Rise
    3K 961 103

    One morning the sun rises a few hours early, striking levitating skyscrapers in Soliara ahead of schedule. People in the streets stop to look up at the sky and then down at their watches. Most of them, puzzled but disbelieving, adjust the hour on their timepieces, hoping they aren't late for meetings. Constellation in...

  • Escape from Knightsbridge
    826 212 30

    Evil has found the people of Echo Hill after twelve years, and when children begin disappearing, the town's dark secret can no longer stay hidden. The adults of Echo Hill thought they had escaped the terror of their original home. But they discover that their sense of security is as flimsy as the barrier between world...

  • Never Died
    4.6K 561 84

    Cover by @StormRidden (Completed, but will be doing edits) In a world of gods, vampires, mages, demons, and magic, all Mazelina wanted was a normal life. Her dream, to have a healthy baby, a family, and a life full of love and happiness. Everything changed when her husband Ashton, the village blacksmith, was summone...

    Completed   Mature
  • Half Shadow
    282 28 6

    Life is hard enough when you can't see demons around every corner. Cade Thurson is a young software engineer who has finally put his life back together after the traumatic loss of his mother during his teen years. But a letter from his deceased father triggers a series of events that threaten to drag Cade into a sh...

  • | ❅ | Finding Home | ❅ | A Novel | ❅ | Complete | ❅ |
    1.5K 281 54

    It takes a spilt second for everything to come crashing down around your "idyllic" life. Past choices can come back to nip you in the bud, good and bad ones all have consequences depending on the person it happens too. Our story begins, in Frontrance, Canada, the young king this kingdom had dismissed several royal nob...

  • Beat Reviews
    334 28 6

    Hello, fellow writers and readers! This book will be a review book where I will see Wattys winners, writers of certain groups that are growing inside Wattpad, and many other writers. I am open for requests that might come across while I do the reviews of books I find. I seriously enjoy reading most, if not all the bo...

  • I Want To Die, Let's H💙ntai!
    643 21 3

    [NON-CANON] An erotic spin-off of my original series, "I Want To Die, Let's Isekai!". You finally discover a new way to remove demon corruption magic from the bodies of the infected! How? Through your new ability "Sex Transfer!" Act as Kaito and fuck the girls in Ischyos!

  • Golden Pear [YA - Featured]
    4.9K 1K 155

    When Freya Inuhakka, a burn survivor, receives a pear enchanted to give her either beauty, wisdom, or power, she chooses her own fate by throwing it away. ♫~~~♫ Freakish and weird are words describing Freya Inuhakka. This label isn't for her flaming red hair, nor green eyes, countless freckles, or biracial heritage. I...

  • The girl of the promised dojo
    109 14 5

    Iwagata Ramika's life is changed forever because of a chance encounter with Rokuda Najato. What will this encounter bring?

  • Green World: The Quest Of The Azure Dragon
    2.1K 505 20

    Green World Project Season One The Green World is a virtual world created as an online game. But, on the contrary, it's the world in other dimensions where dragons and magic exist. It's a virtual reality role-playing game, a fantasy-based community where the player can level up by slaying the monster, completing th...

  • The Thriller Club Awards 2020 [CLOSED]
    5.9K 437 19

    This awards page will help new writers to get reads votes and suggestions by our members. Feel free to register in the forms for participating and judging and do follow the rules. Cover credits to @KritiChauhanLol

  • Nemesis, Vol. 1
    1.7K 151 41

    Yuki, a 15 year old student, is having trouble dealing with the loss of his father, attempting to find normalcy while a large piece of his life is no longer there along with his robotic companion, Trivy. Everything changes however when he finds out the truth of his father's demise, which drives him to obtain enough st...

    Completed   Mature
  • Blade of Vish |
    1.4K 303 34

    "Who am I?" I finally asked. "If the world of gods and demons are two adjacent rooms, you are the key to the door." He replied. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Neel's life is far too ordinary - same school, same places, same bullies and the c...

  • Just Like Elijah
    8.4K 1.2K 28

    Losing somebody you love is one of the most heartbreaking things ever. And, something exactly like this happened with Blaire Evans when she lost Elijah. When she meets Noah Wilson two years later - everything goes down the hill because, he just looks like Elijah. ••• Noah starts showing interest in Blaire as soon as t...

  • Writing POC 101
    452K 23.5K 87

    An advice book on how to successfully write POC characters by Wattpad authors. [Highest rank: #1 in Non-Fiction]

  • Mr. Whitlock
    439 94 15

    Marie Westbrook finds herself moving back home, only to learn that she is inheriting her dying grandmother's old house. People haven't lived in it in decades, with the rumor that it is 'haunted.' Upon moving in, Marie finds something unexpected... A ghost who has lived within the house walls for over half a century. B...

  • Be My Solace: The Reincarnation effect
    1.9K 154 12

    !DO NOT TAKE THIS STORY SERIOUSLY, IT'S JUST FOR FUN! Iris Buxton was a web novelist that had the name of Pigeon Lord. She died. Then got reincarnated in her most distasteful work. As cliche this may be, she became the villainess. But if your life gives you lemons, might as well make some lemonade. And then squirt th...

  • Amazon Islands Book Club [Open]
    3.1K 185 15

    Every writer is a warrior and a warrior works hard every day to get discovered. Are you that unknown warrior? Then join us on our islands to a journey that will hopefully help you reach the top. Open the book to see what's in store for you.

  • Drugs
    7.4K 728 94

    Hard work doesn't always dictate success. What decisions are right when your reality is blurred? What would you do if you had to make a difficult decision? Which side of the coin is actually right? ****** Domenic finds himsel...

    Completed   Mature
  • She Kills Elephants and Men (EPIC of DESIRE)
    17.7K 1.8K 91

    Rebelling against peaceful ideals of her upbringing, Ismar climbs the ranks of a fabled mercenary company seeking glory, fortune, and to build her own powerful matriarchal clan. Yet until she sees men as more than pretty faces, she won't realize her true calling-to be the force of change in the world. Pitched against...

    Completed   Mature
  • Lost Gravity
    265 28 9

    Earth's gravity is vanishing. Gregory Thorns sets out on a life-threatening mission to uncover the mystery behind this global phenomenon. His will to live is tested as he fights through the horrors of the Devil's Playground, a jungle like none other. When the fate of the human race is resting on his shoulders, will Gr...

  • Fauns Stratum
    566 65 11

    Fantasy story about an newbie monster tamer as he strolls along in life as a adventurer. Watch as several others come along in his life to figure out the mysteries that are about to be unveiled in his world. This is my first time writing a story for myself and anyone who reads it. So expect some errors May update ever...

  • Inyanga's Star and Other Constellations
    13K 2.4K 72

    EDITORS PICK 2020. A new student doesn't think her mother understands how magic works. Inyanga Numbia will be the first in her family to go to Magicians' College, and she's going to find out. "Why doesn't Magicians' College just let anyone in?" "Won't they make more money if they accept everyone?" "If magicians get be...

  • Shadewylf
    6.6K 919 51

    Thirty-Four is a young wolf with high expectations resting on his shoulders. With a princess for a mother and a soldier for a father, he should have noble and powerful blood running through his veins. Instead, Thirty-Four is a disappointment. A failure. But when a certain silver crescent appears on his paw, marking th...

  • No Blessed
    4.5K 1.5K 55

    - Completed - Life looks great for Mikel when he is contacted by popular gaming giant, Nuroh Inc. to take part in the development of their newest project which is sure to take video gaming to the next level. For a recent graduate, this is an amazing opportunity, and the pay check isn't too bad either. However, what Mi...

  • Blade Song
    4.3K 431 31

    Akihiro, a half-demon living in demon world, makes a living working in a mercenary guild. As tensions in the guild run high, Akihiro's world is turned upside down. When a fox demon gets thrown into the mix, things only become more clouded. Every action becomes pivotal when trust in him means a life of total freedom, o...