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  • Prince: A Child's Love (Coming of Age): Book 1
    6.3K 361 11

    *Sequel* The 90s are over and growing up in the 00s can be hard. As Cameron gets older, Prince starts to truly understand the ups and downs of raising a child, who's no longer little anymore. Watch as Cameron ventures into his preteens as he and his Father do the best to confront their issues from their past togethe...

  • I Want You In The Worst Way
    22K 1.8K 28

    A young man named Prince is cursed as a partial vampire and tries his best to live a relatively normal life in his birthplace of Minnesota being a pretty successful musician. He's very lonely and all he ever wanted was a mate to love him for who he was. The women he had been with would either be disgusted or frighten...

  • Who Am Eye? Part Two
    23.2K 2.1K 46

    The year is 1994. The Artist finds himself in a situation no one ever thought could happen. How does he get out of it, or perhaps more importantly, how did he get there in the first place? The trailer, courtesy of @QueenofDisco ...

  • Intoxication.
    45.4K 2.6K 48

    The first time I saw him, I didn't know what to think. He was just a shy young man who'd rarely speak and everyone in the neighborhood would simply address him as 'Skipper' I knew he would constantly get bullied by the kids at school, however he'd always shrug it off. It concerned me so I had decided to take him in. I...

  • Skipper's Heartbeat
    40.9K 2.7K 26

    Rhythm is something I don't have. My mother thinks if I take piano lessons maybe things would get better for my musical world. That's where he comes into play. Not only does he teach me how to play the piano but he taught me how to love. I learned the definition of rhythm is when me and Skipper's heartbeat are in sync...

    Completed   Mature
  • From Rags to Kisses (Holiday Story Exchange)
    7.4K 617 16

    After escaping from the home of her crazy soon to be ex-husband...Hope finds herself alone on the streets; surviving on nothing but her wits and the clothes on her back until one day, help comes from an unexpected source...

  • P.
    99.6K 4.4K 55

    It's a story... Read it if you will.