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  • Of Death And Dreams
    6K 599 48

    Haven Porter is trying to live a normal life, but it's not so simple for an eighteen-year-old girl who knows when someone is about to die. And if that wasn't enough of a headache, she also has to live through the death with them. Unwilling to embrace that side of herself, Haven does her best to pretend it doesn't exi...

  • Thanatos: The White Dawn
    1M 57.5K 66

    (Book 3 in the #dawnseries) *COMPLETED* The time for the ascension is near... After months of tireless training, a handful of harrowing experiences and quite a number of unexpected surprises, Aurora Venerelli is finally reaching the end of her time as a mortal. Alongside her new found lover, the Greek god of Death, Au...

    Completed   Mature
  • Thanatos : The Red Dawn
    1.7M 88.3K 57

    ((A Wattpad featured story)) *COMPLETED* #1 in Fantasy (Book #1 in the DAWN series) #greekmythology The Red Dawn has come. Death is upon us... Or rather upon small-town girl, Aurora Venerelli and when we say 'upon', we mean right on top of her. This young beautie's life is turned upside down- or right side up- when...

    Completed   Mature