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  • In Secret
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    Rachel and Calliope have two separate lives, one as Muggles, one as witches. They use a Time Turner to go to both Muggle school and Hogwarts. The two identities have nothing to do with each other, until one day, a strange envelope is delivered to them, bearing, on the inside, one letter, "N". This leads to a strange t...

  • Harry Potter Spells
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  • The Final Battle- Heroes of Olympus go to Hogwarts
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    The boy and the girl sat on the beach. The boy tucked a strand of blonde hair behind the girl's hair and laughed. Then she elbowed him away. "Shut up," she chuckled. The boy grinned and opened a book. "Wow, you wrote this?" The girl blushed. "Um, yeah. Do you like it? I wrote it for you," she smiled. The boy seemed sh...