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  • Warriors: The Unknown Threat Series Book #4: Blazing Fire
    16.6K 657 13

    A half-moon has passed since Shadecloud received the warning about WindClan from Firestar. When a fire burns through most of WindClan's territory, Ashstar is ready to do anything to get the food her Clan needs, including killing ThunderClan's warriors. How will ThunderClan face this threat, and what will StarClan thin...

  • Warriors: The Unknown Threat Series Book #5: Mysterious Newcomers
    16.5K 603 13

    ThunderClan's medicine cat apprentice, Shadecloud, is now a warrior. She is on a border patrol one day when four strange cats appear on the WindClan border, claiming to be from SkyClan. When asked why they have come, they said they were sent by StarClan. But is that the real reason why they have come? Is it even true?

  • Warriors: The Unknown Threat Series Book #6: Howling Wind
    27.7K 1.1K 23

    A few moons ago, Jayfeather received a prophecy. "An unknown threat is near. Wind has the power to destroy our Clan." Now, it seems that the time of the prophecy has come. Jayfeather has received a second omen predicting the destruction of the forest and the deaths of cats. Will ThunderClan meet its destruction? Or wi...

  • Warriors: The Unknown Threat Series Book #2: Endless Rivalry
    22.2K 854 13

    ShadowClan's threat still hangs in the air. Lionblaze is trying to keep ThunderClan thriving and Bramblestar isn't helping. The ThunderClan leader has fallen into a deep depression and Lionblaze wonders if the old Bramblestar will ever return. And according to Shadecloud, ShadowClan isn't the biggest threat after all...

  • Warriors: The Unknown Threat Series Book #1: ShadowClan's Threat
    40.2K 1.4K 15

    It has been a while since the Clans won the battle against the Dark Forest. ThunderClan is prospering under Bramblestar's leadership and the rest of the Clans have been thriving too. But a strange black liquid is covering ShadowClan's territory, killing and poisoning their prey, and ShadowClan's leader, Blackstar, dec...

  • Warriors: The Unknown Threat Series Book #3: Returning Enemy
    17.5K 669 13

    Three moons of peace have passed since Shadecloud killed Seedfur. Leaf-bare was not as cruel as it usually was and only one cat even caught greencough. But peace never lasts for long in ThunderClan. Bone's grandson has returned...and he'll do anything to get his revenge.