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  • Mean Girls Don't Cry [short story completed]
    9.5K 790 52

    make up on short skirts tight hungry to bed thinner in size flawless skin beautiful smile slut of the school a whore in their eyes smile it away mean girls don't cry ___________ ٭extended summary inside © a l l y wattpad 2018 #2 in The People Of Society (3.12.18)

    Completed   Mature
  • Slutty Girls | ✔
    299K 5.4K 44

    {COMPLETED} Highest Ranking: #36 on 04/08/2017 slut (n.) : a woman who has many casual sexual partners. ** "Slutty Girls" follows the journey of a young teenager, Valerie Lawaski, and how a vicious trap set up by some high schoolers threatened the peace of her life, enough to wreck the nerves of Satan. She keeps secre...

  • Manal
    1.6K 222 20

    Manal, a seventeen-year-old woman living in America, receives tons of hate each day. When things get way too far, Manal's friends get hurt, and the racism she takes everyday becomes worse. A story told through text messages.

  • That Girl
    4.8K 479 24

    "go and change out of those clothes, honey, you dont want people to think youre 'that girl'" but she was 'that girl' she always thought that that was a bad thing until you came along and told her different ___ highest rank: #87 in short story (29.5.17) a People Of Society story lowercase intended full description i...

  • BackStage (Niall Horan Fan Fiction)
    31.8K 734 46

    Rachel Knights, for the sake of an ordinary life, covered herself with a heavy enigma. But she was able to find her dream job at the backstage of the world's biggest boy band. There she became the main part of a mischievous gang which is made of four girls who are the youngest of the whole staff. Niall James Horan...

  • Hearing Anna
    5.9K 883 28

    in which a girl named anna is swept up in a firestorm that burns her down and the aftermath leaves her reeling, because flames leave nothing but a despondent frown filled with a lack of feeling. i. the field ii. the flame iii. the brushfire iv. the smoke v. the ashes vi. the rain ~lowercase intende...

  • Unworthy - COMPLETED
    61K 3.1K 24

    WARNING SOME SELF HARM . unworthy; ʌnˈwəːði/Submit adjective not deserving respect or attention. .... A broken girl trying to crawl out of societies misconceptions , and stereotypes . As a woman the double standards are real and in the inspiring streets of Marseille Natalie faces those double standards. #973 in shor...

  • Misfits | ✓
    7.7K 1.4K 27

    about them who decided to lose pieces of themselves just to fit in. © 2016 mxttdaddyrio #thepeopleofsociety

  • Tired Girls | fin.
    221K 13K 32

    she was tired of watching you not love her the way she loved you. wait, hold on a minute. see the past tense? [ thepeopleofsociety ] [ short story] [ all rights reserved ] © AUGUST 2016 - FEBRUARY 2017

  • Gamer Guy
    190 24 5

    Gamer Guy is what they decided to call him

  • Polypocket
    708 76 24

    He loved her, but she also loved her. How can she love two people? ~Updates weekly or more~

  • Real Life Liars
    17.2K 1.8K 9

    Teenagers hide. They hide behind masks, facades that keep them safe. Masks that society approves of. But masks only hide who you truly are. [ #thepeopleofsociety ] © LuCaBeLLe

  • The Jock
    1.8K 160 10

    When the jock hooked up with the star dancer, he hated, the look of a classic cliché took a mask. Nobody could read between the lines. Nobody knew that not everything was the black and white as they had all so rigidly prejudiced.

    1.6K 144 10

    "Do you wish to reject me or be tainted by me?" ♡ ♡ ♡ Have you ever had those moments in your life where nothing makes complete sense and you wander around asking why...well Kylie's life is on a never ending replay of that moment. Her existence consists of being bullied, abused by her boyfriend and begging for someone...

  • Pretty Blonde Girls
    501 50 7

    The story of the pretty blonde girl Who is more Than a Pretty Blonde Girl In support of the campaign the people of society

  • peculiarity
    9.1K 759 9

    pe·cu·liar - adj. strange or odd; unusual. she had no home but she was the weirdo

  • Diary Of An Underweight
    185 11 1

    Just a journal she writes everyday to tell the world how she became an Underweight [WARNING: TRIGGERING WORDS ABOUT EATING DISORDER] based on true events

  • ACE.
    37.5K 4.3K 30

    about a boy who was told his identity was something to be ashamed of. [cover by me] 2/11/17 ~ #89 2/7/17 ~ #102 in short story

  • Melanie
    7.2K 1.1K 44

    "Well, last time I check, you changed your name to Melanie and changed your gender." ... "Leave me alone." ... "Wait, I didn't mean it like that." ... "Just leave me alone."

  • Eccentric
    113K 12.4K 39

    # f r e e y o u r b o d y about a girl who lost all confidence and security because of her appearance, & a boy who only wishes for her to see her beauty. # 1 0 3 s h o r t s t o r y

  • "365"
    279 44 5

    She caused more wars than she ended; unfortunately so, but, beautifully, nevertheless. ©the lost soul's retreat 2016

  • tribality - short stories
    245 34 7

    #116 in short story {as of three days of publishing the first chapter} ×× But I'm afraid, heaven doesn't consider the wishes of the living. - m}} One for the dead, One for the living. That's the balance in life / ×× #153 in short story {june 25 2016}

  • the diary of a teenage whore
    4.8K 448 11

    a girl who told them all it was okay to leave, but cried when they left. ☆ amazing cover by @amethystnebula ☆

  • Teenage Messes
    945 83 8

    "Our mistakes are messes." "All we make are messes." Ren Nelson: the girl who has one month to stop her best friend(Who's she NOT in love with) from committing suicide. Ace Mendez: the best friend (that's MORE then a bad boy) that wants to kill himself. This sound easy when he has a lot going for him, she isn't suici...

    Completed   Mature
  • Posers
    44.6K 4.5K 47

    • she was friends with everyone but nobody ever wanted to be friends with her • #peopleofsociety highest rank - #4 - semi-romance

  • Internet Kids
    80.9K 9.5K 46

    she stays up late at night, loving strangers from all around the world, because real boys are wicked -internet kids never die- #thepeopleofsociety

  • Silent Beast | ✓
    11.1K 763 9

    ❝Brown hair that is nurtured in its tresses, the chocolate brown eyes that keeps me searching for answers, every smile you send my way stresses every question of mine that is left unanswered.❞ Love, Adam Thomas Beaulieu -+- Sometimes facing your fears might mean falling in love... with silence. A boy with s...