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  • I Know You Love Me {•Monoshin|Shinmono|Shinoma•}
    11.1K 438 8

    -SLOW UPDATES- A little cafe in the middle of a small town has great power. A love potion is sold in coffee's that is all the rage. Now when Neito Monoma, a barista at the cafe, meets Shinsou, a mysterious customer, and falls in love; what will it take for him to win Shinsou over? !!All characters belong to Bnha!! !!I...

  • Hold Me Now- Kaneki x Hide (HideKane)
    57.8K 2.5K 7

    Somberly accepting the fact that his love would go unreturned, Kaneki attempted to CONVINCE himself that he was in love with Rize. She has hair that appears to be silky… Just like Hide’s. Her eyes seem to hold a storm of emotion within them… Just like Hide’s. She smiles at the most simple of things…. Just like Hi...

  • English, please? //《 RinHaru 》// Free!
    6.6K 339 1

    Rin decides to tease his boyfriend, Haru. [ Rin x Haru Oneshot ]

  • Nezumi X Shion Oneshots
    51.7K 1.7K 15

    Hello! This is just a book of oneshots about NezuShi! Enjoy!