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  • My Best Friend's the God of Mischief // Peter x Loki
    783K 38.9K 97

    It all started from a dumpster behind Midtown High School. "Could this day get any worse?" Peter Parker spoke to himself as he went to the trash receptacle, trying to find his backpack those dudes threw out the window. Holding his nose and scanning the pile of garbage, there were soggy cardboard, last week's lunch, a...

  • Unstable - Loki, Thor & Hela fanfiction
    23.3K 910 9

    After Odin took his last breath at Norway cliffside, Hela did not immediately show up - which allowed Thor ten minutes or so with his poor excuse of a brother, namely: Loki. It was more than enough for an extremely furious God of Thunder, who was blinded by rage by the death of his father, to do what needed to be done...

  • Hearts As Strong As Chaos
    10.2K 435 11

    (SEQUEL TO "A DISCORDED LOVE") It's been a few weeks since Maria had woken from her coma, during which, she dreamed a whole lifetime. Now awake and back into reality, she tries to cope with life. How can you move on from something that never happened? But the question remains in her mind: Was it all just a dream? An...