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  • Explosive || Teen Wolf [3]
    307K 11.2K 28

    "Devils don't come from hell beneath us, they come from the sky." -Lex Luthor (Book 3) (Season 3a) (Cover by Bree) (Imelda Drake series) C O M P L E T E D T E E N W O L F (OC X SCOTT MCCALL)

  • Snow White With The Red Hair § Scott McCall
    5.2K 203 4

    "You have the reddest hair I ever saw in my entire life, It looks like the apple I ate this morning!" "Yeah, but it's as red as your sister's period blood." "But I don't have a sister.." "Exactly." ------ Once In a life time a girl that has the hair of the reddest rose came pass by a town that was full of...

  • Recovery ◦ Scott McCall
    469K 6.5K 5

    "Hey, Deputy. I'm totally into the handcuffs and everything, but would you mind letting me out?" Kayla Dunbar has a real bad habit of getting into trouble. Turns out, she wasn't as bad as her little brother. Season Four of TW. All Rights Reserved © Copyright 2019 | vividparacosm

  • Before the Storm ▸ Scott McCall (1)
    803K 23.9K 20

    Ella Foster wasn't one to believe in the supernatural. Little did she know that her unbecoming was a long time coming. (e. foster | book one) (tw | season two) (cover by amanda)

  • Broken But Mending; Scott McCall [1] ✔
    515K 11.7K 21

    [BOOK ONE] [EDITING] ❝I might only have one match.❞ Ellie Argent's life had gone from happy and easy to a major shit-storm in about two seconds. One moment she was a normal girl living New York, procrastinating from schoolwork and watching an unacceptable amount of Netflix, the next both of her parents were dead. Mayb...

  • BEAUTY IS THE BEAST ▸ Scott McCall
    7.5K 390 2

    ❝ if we don't leave now we will break we will falter, we will fade ❞ Bella Whittemore already had enough on her plate outside of the supernatural. Her brother was in a tailspin after the pair found out they were adopted, and with Jackson reacting so poorly Bella worked to ease her parents burden while still supp...