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  • I Will Love You No Matter What | a jiley love story by jileymildon
    22.4K 578 27

    This story follows the lives of dancers at the next step studio when two BFFS Riley and James develop a crush on each other will they start to date or push there feelings aside for there friendship (does not follow the tv show story line) {completed}

  • jiley/ trittany short stories
    52.2K 1.3K 21

    an ongoing collection of jiley and trittany oneshots❤️

  • Jiley
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  • jiley au's
    34.2K 1K 18

    Just some one-shots that pop into my head. Enjoy.

  • Jiley
    12.9K 158 66

    This story is about rileyand James also jiley that is the names together. A story about the next step.