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  • Romance In Aisle 12 (lesbian)
    288K 10K 11

    For the entire night, two strangers are stuck inside Shopaholics--one of the most popular chain of retail department stores. With only each other for company, what will the pair do to pass away the time? ***NOTE: This is more of a fluffy piece that does contain adult themes.

    Completed   Mature
  • It's a Pizza Girl Thing
    67.9K 4.1K 18

    Charlotte Whitmore, a pizza delivery girl, bumps into her best friend from high school, Josie Watson while out on delivery. Charlotte gets dumped by her three-month-long girlfriend and Josie is cheated on by her ex; it's the perfect time to rekindle their friendship. Together they navigate recovering from these past r...

  • Her
    881 43 9

    Everything is the same. Her life. Her school. Her friends. Avery was just a normal, run of the mill high school girl, she had a best friend, drama, and lots of homework. Avery was happy. Until, that girl came. Claire. She had never felt such an attraction in her life. She made her question everything about herself. H...

  • Where is Happily Ever After? (Lesbian Story)
    214K 8.2K 23

    ''What about you? What is your type a girl?'' I ask teasingly, she turns her eyes to the floor and bites down on her lip. Enough about me, it's her turn to talk. ''Umm...'' she is thinking, hiding her gaze from me. She adds some seasoning to the food and stirs. She takes some time thinking about it. Her cheeks flush...

  • Liar Liar GirlxGirl
    189K 6.6K 22

    Riley Minister is a 17 year old girl who is forced to move to a small town in South Carolina during the last two months of her senior year. Living with her religious mother and younger sister, what'll happen when Riley finds herself falling for a quiet, mysterious girl in her new school? In a small town, word travels...

  • Gregory Girls Gone Wild |GirlxGirl|
    81.6K 4.1K 43

    The water supply at Gregory College is contaminated, possibly fatal, and definitely unfit for drinking. It's the worst crisis Gregory College has ever had to deal with in years. Twenty year old Rainey Dumar is in charge of delivering free water bottles to her fellow students. She likes the job, but it is what it is:...

  • Ruse Defiance (GirlxGirl) COMPLETED
    176K 5.2K 36

    [Excerpt] " I ask for their heads and their filthy bloods on my hand, I ask for revenge and kill with my demons just to see it happen. But I never asked for this... I never asked for you! I never asked for you to love me.. don't. Just hate me, please." Alexis, is the girl who believes in nothing but revenge and death...

  • Secretly I Like Her (Lesbian Story)
    336K 10.2K 26

    Addison Santillian is partnered up with Ms.Pretty-Princess-In-Pink. Can Addison stand Jennifer Esposito, Ha not even a little. They're both from two very different worlds. Addison just can't wait to get this assignment done so she doesn't have to see Jennifer after school again. As they are working on this assignment...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Only Promise
    603K 13.9K 28

    Kadence Rae Emerson has always been the popular girl at school getting asked out by guys. She doesn't find herself attracted to guys though. Sports and academics have always been her top priority, but when the 'new girl', Aiden, enters her first period class history, she enters Kadence's life. Aiden soon becomes Kaden...

  • The Hook-Up Diaries: Dare You to Fall (GirlxGirl)
    1.6M 34.8K 41

    Whitney Parker has always been a "good girl." Or at least an average one. Sure she's a cheerleader and a member of her school's dance team but other than that there is nothing unique about her. At least not like there is about Harlee. Harlee Walker is the definition of a "bad girl." She's a leather jacket, wearing a r...

  • Heart Of Iron (GirlxGirl)
    233K 9.4K 39

    It was then, when she said those horrible words, that I finally obliged to what my mind told me. "Build a shield around that damn heart, lock it, and throw the key away." Sure, I was never really that happy - but it was so much better than being miserable. One of the greatest benefits being the fear that my new attitu...

  • Cream And Sugar (Lesbian)
    196K 9.1K 16

    Gail Brennan, our mopey-overthinking-hero, has just gone over a terrible break-up that causes her to dysfunction and withdraw from her social life. Now, her best friend is a cup of Irish coffee. Her other two best friends, Tiffany and Peter, only wishes for Gail to shred off her day-old pajamas. The two make ways to g...

  • The Darlings of Suburbia
    167K 14.3K 39

    A story about a girl who sends letters to a neighbor.

  • The City | GirlxGirl
    168K 8.7K 40

    Skylar and Jude. Two very different girls, who end up enduring the same battles. Both wounded, with many scars to tell their story. Skylar and Jude are in need of saving. They're each hoping to be rescued-rescued from the ghosts of their pasts; including treacherous ex-boyfriends, gone ex-girlfriends, and a brother wh...

    Completed   Mature
  • Fight of Your Life
    87.5K 3.3K 15

    Annabelle doesn't have an easy life. To most she has the "perfect" life. Straight A student, captain of the softball team, and Miss popular. What they don't know is she raises her 10 year old sister, Ashley, her father abuses her, and she has a secret that only her best friend, Riley, knows. Will Annabelle be able to...

  • Crooked (girlxgirl)
    16.6K 559 14

    SEQUEL. Read TIPSY first. It's been four years since her sister moved in with her girlfriend, and Beatrice now finds herself in her first year of college. Taking this as an opportunity to finally become independent, Bea moves out of her sister's house and into the school's dorm. Unbeknownst to her, her adorable and qu...

  • The Thoughts That Weren't Suicidal
    239K 11.8K 40

    My body began to curl itself into a ball and sounds of pain helplessly escaped from my throat. The startled animal sounds began to project from my body as it continued to go into shut down mode. It's like the walls have begun to collapse and all of the rubble is falling on top of me and only me. I can hear people scre...

  • Christmas Carols ✓
    35K 1K 11

    ❝What made you get into this business?❞ ❝I love Christmas and I especially love getting to serenade cute girls like yourself,❞ she sharply responded. ❝Hm, cute girls?❞ ❝Yes,❞ she says and then she connects her lips to mine, giving me the best Christmas gift I had ever received. ************** Scarlet had always h...

  • The Princess and the Nerd
    857K 27.7K 24

    Dylan lives a simple yet a complicated life. Her geek cousin was her only constant companion as she lives her life to the fullest. She's a nerd by day and bad ass at night. Then there was group of jerks whose main purpose was to wreak havoc in school. What will happen if they get to know one of them better.

  • Little Rock-Star (GXG)
    412K 14.8K 51

    Devon is a 18 year old girl in a band with her three other best friends. The bands name is Proposal Till Twelve. They do covers of songs on YouTube and open up for people like, Fifth Harmony, Justin Bieber and all of those other great people. Alex is a die-hard Proposer. She's also 18 and one day meets you guys, alon...

  • Blue Eyed Beauty
    280K 6.6K 34

    Emily Maxwell has had a crush on Rachel Hicks since freshman year. Will she always hide her crush or will she do something about it?

  • You know I hate you, Right? #Watty2017 (Complete)
    180K 3.8K 27

    Dawn being the stubborn rude girl she is gets in fights with many people even a certain girl name Bella. Bella is a rich A+ student who despises Dawn and Dawn despises Bella since they were kids, Though in reality Bella isn't good with showing her feelings as she hides the fact she likes the bitchy bully named Dawn..

  • Mine (girlxgirl)
    2.2M 55.6K 25

    Nina is the most popular girl in school. Everyone thinks she has a perfect life, but she doesn't. Her mother died at a very young age, and she lives with her abusive father. She's never really felt what it's like to love, or to be loved, but that all changes the day she meets Taylor.

    Completed   Mature
  • Her Absent Memory
    305K 9.6K 27

    It's the classic love story... The rebel. The sweetheart. But what happens if there isn't exactly a "bad boy"?

  • Falling for the bad girl
    561K 16.8K 40

    When two opposite worlds collide, the outcome is never simple. Especially not with Bella and Vanessa. All her life, Bella she was always a good girl. What happened? Why did her life suddenly flip upside down? Was it all because of a simple girl? Warning: the story gets pretty dark towards the end of the book. If sexu...

  • Preacher's daughter (girlxgirl)
    307K 8.4K 29

    Lydia is the preachers daughter and is constantly reminded that "preachers daughters are supposed to be crazy and spontaneous" but that doesn't come naturally to her. Good thing it comes naturally Jaycee who Lydia meets at summer camp and is automatically infatuated with her.

  • Why Do I Feel Like This..? {Lesbian Story}
    180K 4.2K 17

    Cana Rylee is a 15 year old girl. she lives with her aunt, uncle, & son. her parents both passed in a tragic car accident when she was 7. she's the typical high school girl; light, wavy brown hair. 5'2 with beautiful, yet piercing blue eyes. the school cutest geek. Natalie Ollers is a 16 year old girl. she lives with...

  • Tie Me Down (GirlxGirl)
    202K 6.5K 26

    As I'm walking down the isle, I keep searching for the children's books my niece and nephew want. With no luck, I look around to find someone that could help us. There was no one around, so I decided to take the kids and walk to the counter. The first thing that caught my eye was the beautiful blonde behind the cash r...

  • Breaking The Game [Book #1]
    649K 21.3K 71

    21 year old Allie Samson is a tattoo artist by day and a womanizer by night until she lays her eyes on Alix Carter, the 19 year old team captain of the Brigadier Wolves volleyball team. Allie begins to hang around Alix, slowly breaking the rules she set for herself to avoid falling in love when she realizes its too la...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Tutor (girlxgirl)
    312K 6.5K 15

    Vee failed pre-calculus, and Amber becomes her tutor. The two become unlikely friends, but it begins to blossom into something more.