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  • Without You ♥WildeHopps Fanfic (Zootopia)♥
    3.6K 149 8

    It's been months, 18 months to be exact, since Zootopia has been the place Judy ever imagined. With her and Nick patrolling the streets and completing paperwork most of the time, their lives begin to bore. Tho neither of them left. Nick was always there for her so did Judy. Their friendship grew stronger than ever. It...

  • Treasure Planet (A Jim and Jamie Love Story)
    11.4K 170 20

    Jim has been given the opportunity of a lifetime; to go to Treasure Planet. He also meets and befriends the cook, Silver, but more so with his adoptive daughter, Cyborg. She and Jim even fall in love. But what will happen when Jim finds out the mutiny that Silver planned and that Cyborg knew about it? Find out in my o...

  • Two Worlds
    2.9K 116 8

    I know everyone knows the stories of jim hawkins and melody from disney, but I decided to make a story that brings them both together. I don't own theses characters I just made the story.

  • (COMPLETED) My battle - Reylo Fanfiction
    305K 8.6K 41

    This book is set three months after Rey last saw Kylo Ren. (BEFORE THE EVENTS OF THE LAST JEDI) #4 in Reylo fanfics :') If Rey and Kylo Ren turn out to be related we're all going to hell... - HA BITCH YOU THOUGHT REYLO IS CANON BYE The artwork belongs to its rightful owner. • • • I...

  • The Broken Ones | REYLO
    80.6K 2.1K 38

    A girl searching for her place in the galaxy. A boy fighting to take control of his destiny. And the bond that runs deeper than either of them could've imagined. It's been a month since Rey began her training with Luke Skywalker. Everyone said Kylo Ren had perished along with Starkiller Base, but she knew better. She...

  • 50 Days To Fall In Love (Modern Reylo au)
    175K 7.1K 58

    "Rey we have a dare for you!" "What?" "You have 50 days to fall in love with the first person you see." That person happened to be wealthy bad tempered business man: Kylo Ren COVER ART DOES NOT BELONG TO ME Ranked #14 in "Reylo Complete": 12/31/16 Ranked #1 in "Reylo Complete": 1/2/17

  • -Reylo- His Hostage (Crack Fic)
    47.7K 804 11

    Kylo Ren has kidnapped Rey and is holding her hostage till the resistance surrenders. Rey finds herself to be intrigued by her kidnaper though. It turns into a pretty strange relationship. It's pretty much Stockholm syndrome. You guys have trashed the comments with your dirty Reylo jokes. Good job I love it. This is t...

    Completed   Mature
  • Monster (A Reylo FanFic) Wattys 2016
    128K 3.7K 16

    Rey has been captured by the First Order and is being forced to train alongside Kylo Ren. A man she sees as none other than a murderous monster. Every single day that passes between brings more questions with a desirable need for answers. Rey hatred for Kylo blinds her but what happens when she comes to realize that w...

  • The Pull Between Us - A Reylo FanFiction
    489K 10.9K 37

    He smirked, he was quiet aware of the affect he had on her and hoped that in time it would be enough to switch her. They both had a struggle, with both sides pulling on them in two different directions. This fanfiction begins with the snow duel on StarKiller, but with a reylo twist... There will always be a pull betw...

  • Star Vs. The Forces Of Miraculous (Crossover) (HIATUS)
    2.1K 98 6

    Star and Marco go to Paris for a field trip, and they meet some new friends. Once both of them find out that they are miraculous holders, their worlds are turned upside down. Relationships are tested as they have to keep their powers a secret from each other. What will happen? Read to find out. (This story also contai...

  • An Extremely Goofy Movie (Max X Jamie)
    38.4K 624 36

    Max and his friends are heading for college, ready for freedom. Jamie and Mocha can't wait to get there either. What happens when they all cross paths and Jamie and Max start liking each other?

  • Wonder Woman ᐅ Steve Rogers
    297K 9.3K 31

    ❝Of all people you know who I am. I am who the world needs me to be. I am Wonder Woman.❞ First Avenger - The Avengers #17 in Fanfiction - 06/12/17 © 2017 Mar.

  • My Enemy's Sister [Hiccelsa/Jarida]
    22.4K 855 13

    Hiccup and Jack have an unknown argument. Since Jack's father died, he kept blaming Hiccup for it. Same for Hiccup who blames Jack for almost losing his twin sister. Since then, they just forget that they were friends- until now. Another problem came: they met and fell in love with each other's sister. Would they acce...

  • The Viking King
    8.7K 345 23

    I was just bored when I got this the idea about having the lion king storyline but with other characters. Characters: Simba--> Hiccup Nala-->Elsa Mufasa--> Stoick Scar--> Drago Bludvist Pumba-->Gobber Timon--> Flynn Rider Zazu-->Sven (from the httyd tv series) Sarabi-->Valka Rafiki-->Gothi Hyenas-->Eret and his men

  • Blue Love sparks
    8.6K 155 15

    Takes place after Smurfs the Lost Village. Papa Smurf and Smurf Willow were both in charge of the Smurf Village together, like partners. But is there any affection between the two Smurf leaders? Can their fellow smurfs know about it and will they help them find love? Spoilers for the movie

  • Human and Stork
    6.8K 266 15

    A STORY THAT WASN'T WRITEN WELL BUT HAS A KISS MOMENT SO WHO CARES. This is a Julip story. (Junior x Tulip) And I'm already planning a sequel. XD (I may or may not re-write this story lol)

  • The Modern Four
    5.6K 116 5

  • Broken {Starco}
    4.4M 65.7K 59

    This Story and Cover is made by: anomalyah on Tumblr Highest Ranking: #2 Fanfiction

  • SING: The Life of Johnny and Ash
    15.2K 438 11

    Hello! This book is exactly as the title says so Jash shippers gather around! This is a sequel to Johnny x Ash fan fictions so I suggest you read that book first before this one or else it might be a tiny bit confusing. Anyways, into the story! Disclaimer: I don't own anything except for this fan fiction and the made...

  • Johnny x Ash Fanfictions
    67.7K 1.4K 23

    Hello hello and welcome aboard this ship. So far the best ship in SING, there will be 3 fanfictions about them and at the end, YOU guys would have to choose which scene you like the most and the sequal to this book will be based off that scene. Now flip the page to indulge yourself in the cute fluffiness of Johnny and...

  • Valentrolls Day (Poppy x Branch oneshots)
    15.3K 280 7

    On Valentrolls day (Valentines day) Branch fears that Poppy won't like the gift-card he made her, or that she won't even notice him. A PoppyxBranch one shots Trolls is owned by Dreamworks

  • Taken(Trolls)Branch and Poppy
    64.3K 1.6K 40

    "You can call me up. Cause i will always be there" Branch promised that. But that one time..That time. He wasn't with her. When Poppy was wondering around the forest.Creek took her away. Will Branch save her or turn grey like he use to be? Find out.... "Taken"

  • TwilightNardo Love Story
    50.6K 1.4K 55

    While out on patrol one night Karai finds a young girl named Twilight Sparkle alone in the streets. Once becoming friends she introduces them to her 2 human friends and later her 4 brothers who are mutant turtles. Twilight also begins to grow a crush on Karai's oldest and closest brother Leonardo and she helps her try...

  • Super Equestria Ninja Girls
    111K 2.7K 80

    A year right after the Friendship Games Sunset Shimmer, FlutterShy, AppleJack, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, and Twilight Sparkle get transferred to a new school in New York City. But when they meet 4 mutant turtles, their master, and 3 human friends things might turn good or bad. Especially when the Dazzlings ret...

  • {Discontinued} Anna's Secret Life (Jack X Anna fanfic)
    41 1 1

    Jack and Anna met as kids. As soon as they met Jack had to leave. As the days past on since they met, she became very bored. On her sixteenth birthday she finally meets Jack again but this time something strange happens.

  • Short (Song) Stories!!!
    2.7K 66 20

    A bunch of random stories I think of when I listen to music. Stories will include: •Big Hero 6 •Miraculous Ladybug •Characters x Reader •Voltron •Descendants •Crossovers And sometimes I write down lyrics that I think of! Started: June 30th, 2016

  • Arranged Marriage
    10.8K 335 11

    Elsa is bring forced to marry Hiccup. but she doesn't love him but what if something just happens and they.......actually marry each other without hate.

  • How To Thaw Your Frozen Heart
    27.1K 771 21

    This is the third novel in my Frozen and HTTYD crossover series. It is a sequel to (hiccelsa)- How To Train Your Dragon 2 and It is a sequel to frozen -hiccelsa I will write a fourth book once I'm free of work

  • Descendants (Non/ Disney)
    8.5K 334 23

    Honey Lemon, Elsa, Hiccup, and Hiro are the sons and daughters of some of the most evil villains of all time. They've spent their whole lives in Arendelle, a dirty, rusty place, where they're trapped by a magical barrier. But one day, Tadashi, soon to be king of San Fransokyo, invites the 4 teens to stay at SFIT for a...

    44.6K 1.1K 21

    First of all, this is a sequel novel for the first book --> FROZEN-(hiccelsa) . so you may need to read that one first. This story take place during the events of HTTYD2 and after the events of the first novel and a new frozen fever fanfic PS: I changed the plot a little bit to involve Elsa. and Jack Frost is involv...