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  • The Past left Behind ~ A Free! Gou Fanfiction
    4.7K 101 6

    Gou has always been helping everyone and making sure that the guys can be their best at swimming, their dream. But what about her, whatever happened to her dream... this time around she can't deal with her problems alone, she will be the one who needs help.

  • Detective Conan / Magic Kaito 1412: The Phantom Thief, Kaitou Siren!
    29.9K 1.1K 8

    The new partner of Kaito Kid, introducing Kaito Siren! The secretive charming teenager who Kaito's mother, Phantom lady, recommended. Kaito Siren is secretive, mysterious, attractive, and charming, but what truly is her goal? She knows quite a great deal about the Black organization, and is an expert of collecting inf...

  • Lord Beerus's Rage and Reece's forgotten anniversary!
    27.1K 505 7

    Lord Beerus falls in love and marry's an earthling woman but he forgets their one year anniversary. So for two weeks she gives him the silent treatment and doesn't take her allergy medicine. His anger at not getting attention from her or being able to touch her sets him off. So during these two weeks Lord Beerus has...

  • Toying With My Sanity (Yandere!Nagito Komaeda x Reader)
    933K 23.5K 25

    You were never good at interacting with others, giving them a blank stare or ignoring them completely, the closest thing you've ever felt love was towards your toys. However, that didn't stop you from catching the eye of a certain luckster, who would do anything to see you show any type of emotion.

  • Different Kusuo Saiki x Reader
    305K 9K 31

    So this is my first X reader. I just finished the first season of The Disastirous pf Saiki K and fell in love with the anime. So i decided why not give Saiki a love interest to show him that teenage love isnt pointless :). You are a new transfer student at PK academy. You are also a psychic but dont have all of his po...

    Completed   Mature
  • Secure Kusuo Saiki x Reader(The Sequel To Different)
    7.3K 282 3

    This is the sequel to Different. The chapters will mostly revolve around episodes from season 2 but I do not repeat DO NOT own any of the art or stories from The DIsastorous Life of Saiki K. This is a FANFICTION.

  • Luminous Keys (StiCy/StiLu)
    144K 5.1K 30

    Not the typical Lucy joins Sabertooth plot. After getting back from Tenrou and putting an end to the whole Infinity Clock event, Fairy Tail had three months left to train before the annual Grand Magic Games. During these days, two hearts were fated to meet. A StiLu/StiCy fanfiction. [Completed 031218] Disclaimer: I d...

  • Light is Needed in Order for Stars to Shine
    265K 6.3K 23

    「On-Hold」 During the Magic Games, there Lucy is reunited with someone whom she met a long time ago. What if that person is no other than Sting Eucliffe? Will love blossom between the two, even though their guilds are rivals? Or will a certain hot-headed dragonslayer get in the way? ---------------------- ...

  • ✦1314✦Nanbaka✦Reverse-harem✦
    232K 6.5K 72

    Nanba Prison, the world's most formidable prison, the location is unknown but that is not important. What's important is, inmate number 1314, Sen Michiyo, will now live in Nanba Prison where inmates are predominantly male and both prisoners and guards are far from normal. She has escaped many prisons in the past but...

  • >> Waking Up <<
    47.3K 1K 22

    ~ It's been four years since they escaped the virtual world. Four year since the project to wake their sleeping friend began. Sonia and Fuyuhiko have been waiting four years to see there friends. Waiting for there love to bloom, and a happy ending. Finally after all these years, their waking up.~ Note: DR3 is not ove...

  • The Kashima Sister(Gakuen Babysitter Fanfic)
    184K 5K 22

    What if Ryuichi and Kotaro have a sister? Aina Kashima is the middle child of the Kashima siblings. After their parents died from an airplane accident, they are left orphaned and having no place to call home. That is until the chairwoman of the prestigious Morinomiya Academy offers to take the siblings into her care...

  • My One and Only True Hope (Nagito Komaeda x reader)
    211K 6.6K 33

    Hey guys! Komaeda'sDick here, and welcome to an actually legit fanfiction! I really hope you enjoy this and stick around for it all! This will be really long so get ready! Basically this is a story following all of the events in the game just with a good amount of scenarios mixed in that make it an "x reader" Yes, I k...

  • Spider-Man: Into the Spider Verse
    325K 9.1K 23

    Y/n Parker, cousin to Peter Parker and Miles Morales' best friend. You've grown up together and now he's transferring to your school. After realizing trying to calm Miles from his overwhelming stress, a strange spider visits you. Everything changes in an instant, for both you and Miles. What will you do with this new...

  • Runaways: Book II
    337K 13.5K 36

    I tried to forget-to conceal the past. But it always found its way out through the cracks. I ran. But it turns out my past was running beside me all along. (Sequel to "Freaks" Quicksilver X Reader)

  • [2] Fire Within | Disney's Descendants
    191K 4.5K 17

    [Cover by @KRONBLADE] ❝There is enough fire inside you to put all of hell to shame, but you are pretending to be water for someone who is too afraid to handle the dragons in your belly. Stop crushing the thing that makes you. Embrace the flames. Be whole again for yourself and no one else.❞ -The Fire Inside You ...

  • 𝕋𝕙𝕖 𝕃𝕒𝕕𝕪 𝕠𝕗 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕌𝕟𝕕𝕖𝕣𝕨𝕠𝕣𝕝𝕕 - ℍ. ℍ𝕠𝕠𝕜
    93.6K 2.3K 18

    The VK's had finally gotten their happily ever after. They were no longer being manipulated by their parents to be evil and cause trouble. They didn't even have to see them anymore. At least, Mal, Evie, Jay and Carlos didn't (unless you count Maleficent's lizard form). Hadee still had to face her father, Hades, every...

  • The Daughter of Fire and Ice
    290K 5.2K 31

    At 8, I almost killed someone... is it because it's in my blood? Ellie is the daughter of the two most powerful elemental wielders in the world, the daughter of Fire and Ice. When Elsa reveals Ellie is a daughter of Hades, and she gets booted to the isle of the lost, the story should have ended there, but thanks to an...

  • 𝕋𝕙𝕖 𝔽𝕦𝕥𝕦𝕣𝕖 𝕃𝕒𝕕𝕪 𝕠𝕗 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕌𝕟𝕕𝕖𝕣𝕨𝕠𝕣𝕝𝕕
    198K 4.1K 18

    Not knowing love or affection is a flaw all kids on the Isle owned and no one was more clueless about those feelings than Hadee, spawn of Lord Hades, who only cared for three things, none of which included his daughter. He always taught her that you were unworthy if you weren't feared, evil and powerful. Hadee would...

  • Spin-Off of the Okinawa Class Trip
    60.9K 2.1K 27

    Saiki Kusuo is less than excited for the upcoming class trip to Okinawa. But when a new student arrives and does not fall under Teruhashi's reign, Saiki can't help but get interested in her story and why she can read his thoughts. Things only get more interesting when Takahashi cannot go to the school trip and she is...

  • Blocked (Saiki Kusuo x reader)
    997K 37.6K 32

    As you know, Saiki doesn't have an interest in any one. To him, teenage romance is a waste of time. But one day, his class receives a new student. She's quiet, smart and very pretty, but she isn't your average high school girl. Saiki begins to notice that some of the new girl, (Y/n)'s, thoughts are blocked. Since S...

  • Treat You Better(Diabolik Lovers x Nanbaka Crossover)
    153K 3.9K 43

    (Warning: Yui's a bitch in this book) Asami Sakamaki is the youngest child of the Sakamaki family where she is showered by, love, affection, and care. She enjoyed her happy life with her wonderful and loving brothers, however everything changed when one girl named Yui Komori stole the love away from her and her older...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mechanic (Nanbaka)
    61.9K 1.4K 14

    Nanba Prison, a place full of different people: Criminals, Guards, Staff, Officers and of course the Warden. But how is Nanba prison always 'top notch' in its security? That's where the 'Mechanic' comes in, the one who's always been helping the warden fix and improve every little scratch on the Prisons security.

  • The Soul Within (Dance With Devils Fan Fiction)
    38.4K 1K 13

    Vivian Royal is a normal teenage high school student who has had her heart set with becoming a great writer in future. She always wanted to write her own stories. She has friends named Azuna Kuzuha and Ritsuka Tachibana. She was friends with Ritsuka ever since childhood. Once they entered high school together, they ha...

  • Breathe (Bondi rescue fanfic)
    197K 2.1K 32

    Tiff can't help but visit the amazing beach of Bondi whilst on holiday in Sydney. But when Tiff goes into the sea for a cool down, will everything go to plan? Will love blossom? Or injury? *Sorry I'm really bad at writing blurbs

  • Everyone can struggle (Bondi Rescue FanFic)
    220K 3.1K 107

    Trigger Warning- mental illness Lily is on holiday in Australia for a few months when a freak accident turns her world upside down. This story is probably one of my most well-researched yet. The things each character experiences are from respected sources so if you find anything wrong please tell me. Thank you. Now it...

  • My Boy |Metori Saiko x Chubby! OC|
    128K 4.4K 35

    When a rich boy transfers to a school to win over a girl because of her looks only to fall in love with another because of her big heart.

  • Only you. (Katsuki Bakugou x reader)
    56K 1.5K 9

    (This story's writing gets better after chapter 6) This is a Katsuki Bakugou x Reader fanfiction. "Only you." Lately he has been having nightmares of when a certain girl he loves dies in his arms. Can Bakugou change the future before it is written? STARTED: 28/02-2018 ReStarted: 02/06-2019 ENDED:

  • The Unlucky One (Bondi Rescue)
    52.4K 619 10

    Continued: 05/07/19 • Hayley Hansen is young, free and on her way to finding out who she really is. Having travelled to Sydney, Australia to see all the sights and cities, the infamous Bondi Beach takes up priority. But being naturally unlucky could cause a few problems for the lifeguards - will they be able to protec...

  • Crystal Waters || Free! Itwatobi Swimming Club fanfiction (Gou x Seijuro)
    1.8K 52 2

    After Gou almost drowned, Captain Seijuro Mikoshiba has taken it upon himself to give Gou swimming private. When Rin finds out, all hell breaks loose.