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  • Unlocked Hearts Book 2 in the Hearts Series
    3M 267K 123

    Sami Sulayman has been a secret agent for the past ten years working for the FBI, and after assisting in one of the biggest busts to date, he expects everything else in his career to be a breeze. That is until he's assigned to watch over an extremely defiant, strong willed young lady whose recently deceased father lef...

  • Scented Roads
    4.2K 358 23

    Furqan has lived a life separate from the world. Everything he does is for his Uncle and himself, he doesn't know what it is like to be responsible for another person in his life. To be responsible for someone's love. Ala is someone right out of a romance novel. But her life changes and she finds love in places where...

  • Forgiving You (Dublin Sisters #2)
    1.8M 121K 78

    She was abandoned on her wedding day. The groom disappeared. There were accusations. Her honour was at stake. Her family was to be ruined. One man saved her from all this misery or was it to be yet another trial that she will face... Nawal Ahmed has been the adoring sister of her three brothers. She was pampered...

  • Alkyabba
    1M 7.7K 4

    He looked at me with so much adoration in his eyes that made my stomach do double flips and my heart just melted. "I will shield you from all the harm in this world. I will make sure everyone accepts the shade of your skin and your brunette hair. You will never ever feel like you don't belong here anymore. You deserv...

  • In His Love... {Eternal Ishq #2}
    172K 13K 26

    UNDER MAJOR EDITING {Eternal Ishq Series - Book Two} It is a must that the Book One 'In Your Love...' is read before you begin 'In His Love...' A Hijabi fashion-designer, an Aalim entrepreneur. Also a simple girl and her well-known surgeon Every tale is connected, every person is linked... the one knows the other, th...