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  • Fish Outta Water (Haru x Makoto)
    949 45 6

    Haru has always loved the water -- Makoto has a hard time keeping him out of it. But when Haru forgets how to swim, Makoto finds himself having the opposite problem; he can't get him in the water! Will Makoto be able to re-teach Haru how to swim, or will his friend live the rest of his life on land?

  • NEGOTO 2
    6.6K 366 19

    After the previous BIG sleepover, Haru and his friends decide to throw another one. This time, Rin brings his friends over for the ultimate sleepover~ *If you read They Call Him the Gentle Giant, it'll lead you straight to ch.1 of this fic!*

    5K 56 3

    This would be a collection of MakoHaru hardcore stuffs <3 (Or probably anything related to the anime Free!) Forewarning: Every story contains adult content that is not appropriate under the age of 18 but in case you like the gay stuffs even if you are not 18, you are so welcome to read them. Have fun and satisfy y...

    Completed   Mature
  • For the Future (MakoHaru)
    35.4K 1.3K 23

    After graduation, Makoto and Haru move into Tokyo, together. A sequel to the series, Free! Eternal Summer, For the Future is about how Makoto and Haru slowly realize that they're gay, for each other. Plenty of yaoi and fluff. -- ~Free! Iwatobi Gay Fluff- Book 1~

  • HaruHaru
    5.1K 109 14

    Haruka has lived by himself ever since his parents left, but no one knew that he has another "self" in the family. That other "self" falls in love with Makoto, sucking away his attention aimed at Haru 24/7. This causes Haru to feel even more alone than ever before. How will he cope with this kind of separation?

  • For the Pain (MakoHaru Yandere)
    36.6K 1.1K 9

    'Sometimes you'll do crazy things for love. You might even resort to violence.' Just a few months ago, Haru and Makoto confessed their love for each other. But Makoto never liked sharing, at least not his lover. So when Makoto sees Haru hanging out with other people, jealousy and rage grew inside him. Will Haru and h...

  • I Love You! (A MakoHaru fanfic)
    19.5K 385 3

    ((Yaoi/Lemon/ boy X boy)) This is a short Makoto X Haru lemon!! Long Live MakoHaru! This is my first MakoHaru fanfic so please go easy on me and comment your thoughts Pleaseeee Enjoy ~❤

  • MakoHaru One Shot
    3K 42 1

  • Welcome to Our Story (A MakoHaru Fan Fiction)
    18.4K 824 5


  • whatever happened that night? ➳ makoharu
    56.2K 3.1K 25

    ❝And at that moment, I swear we were eternal.❞ 〉〉〉 2015 COMPLETED

  • Gay Boys Don't have nipples.
    2.3K 69 1

    in which Haru finds himself in a very...awkward situation X'D (just something a couple of friends and I came up with)

  • My Color (A MakoHaru Fan Fiction)
    44.7K 2.2K 12

    Haru lives in a colorless world. The only color he has to savor is his best friend, Makoto. What a hopeless romantic Makoto is, despite his efforts. Haru can fall in love as soon as the touch of a hand- the hand he's been holding for almost eight years now. Falling into the hopeless abyss we call love is hard, but so...

  • I like you, don't I? (MakoHaru Boyxboy)
    14.7K 492 9

    This is a fanfiction of the anime Free!, it is a yaoi (boyxboy) of Haruka and Makoto. So if you do not like that please do not read this. Also, there may be some sexual actions involved in the story, so do not read if you don't like mature content.

  • Makoharu
    17.3K 577 3

    Skipping school for Haru's needs... I do not own any of the consisting characters. Cover art credits to natsui (tumblr account).

    Completed   Mature
    67.5K 2.6K 13

    Haru throws a sleepover at his house. At day, he's silent. At night, he's all sleep talk. When Makoto's right next to him, Haru spills some goodies that Makoto wouldn't even believe...

  • Under The Radar [Makoharu]
    736 32 2

    [A Makoharu AU] Warning: Angst & Smut Makoto Tachibana had a very cynical view on the world despite his happy demeanour. He believed that the earth was a corrupt land filled with corrupt people and corrupt laws. Nothing good ever came out of the city he lived in, it was riddled with crime and fraud, so, naturally, it...

  • Please Don't Leave Me [MakoHaru]
    151 10 1

    Inspired by shittyfuyoko (that's her instagram btw)

  • Half a soul
    500 17 3

    I always thought I'd be fine alone, that I didn't need anyone by my side. But when I met him my life changed... He saved me! From this boring life. I never meant to fall for anyone but he's special. As long as he's by my side I don't need anyone else... Note: this a AU!

  • Pure Tragedy
    112 4 2

    (Based on poem 'Alone' by Edgar Allen Poe) Makoto Tachibana's teenage years were spent alone in a dark, cold mansion. How will his life change when his most treasured childhood friend shows up at his doorstep?

  • The Light of my Life (A Reigisa fanfiction)
    1.9K 70 3

    Nagisa Hazuki has been abused for the majority of his life. His mom is a crazy drunk, his dad, abusive, and his sisters treated him like a slave. One day on an errands' trip, he runs into Rei, and little does he know, that his life will soon turn around.

  • Fairy Lights | Makoharu
    96 6 1

    ❝No matter where you are I'll be there.❞ Sometimes, we take things for granted. Now that Haru's gone.. Makoto couldn't stop him. He couldn't stop him from moving away. Its been years since he last saw him. Now its time for the fairy lights to guide him to where he is. @austhetic 2k15

  • Love Sick
    9.1K 353 13

    Haru has had a history of blood disorders throughout his childhood, his grandmother was diagnosed with cancer. The swim club meets up to "study", when Haru feels inexplicably ill. They find out Haru has AML, but has been ignoring his symptoms long enough for the cancer to become fatal. Begining set during the summer b...

  • My Little Air Bubbles (MakotoXHaru Cancer!makoto )
    449 14 2

    Just two weeks before nationals, the boys are over exerting themselves to get ready for the heavy competition. Makoto and Haru have been in a mix of sorrow and happiness as their new life will soon begin with each other, and they have been trying to roll through each lasting day smoothly with their second year friends...

  • Salty Blue Tears [on hold]
    2.7K 125 4

    He never wanted it. He never wanted any of it. Why did he ditch Rin in that one moment? Every thing could have been different if he coud have just put up with his best friend for just a second longer. AU where Haru is a merman and saves Makoto from drowning and a bond grows between them. Inspired by episode 6 and the...

  • Ocean's Shade
    380 20 2

    "Haruka Nanase's eyes are so beautifully pure. Getting lost in them is extremely easy. Like the ocean, I'm sometimes afraid of what they contain. At first I felt that I was drowning, but finally, I learned how to swim." MakoHaru fic. Possible spoilers for season 2, episode 11 and onward. Multi-chapter.

  • A Mermaid and His Prince (A MakotoxHaru love story )
    3.7K 106 4

    *Based off Arial* In a small village of Japan lives a normal kingdom with a king and his son destin to marry. but there is a secret about this village their under the deep depths of the ocean live sthe city of Atlantis with Mermaids!

  • Just One Time
    1.1K 45 1

    Makoto had been holding back his feelings since, well, forever. Although there is so much he wants to do, he couldn't bear the thought of losing Haru. But maybe tonight would be the night? (Bad description is bad and I am sorry)

  • Undead Angel
    1.9K 104 10

    The humans were winning the long battle against the ghouls. They thought everything was going to end but, Rin and Makoto met someone whom they never thought they would ever see again...

  • Forever and Always (A MakoHaru fanfic)
    675 31 1

    The only pairing fanfic I've ever written. I never write these and I only did this because a very dear friend asked my to so nicely and I just couldn't refuse. I don't take requests for pairing fanfic, though. Sorry!