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  • We May Last || Jason McCann Fanfiction
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    Cassia had her life sorted out until her Mum forces her to marry someone she isn't comfortable around. Jason McCann. Jason's pretty chilled out, and he's your normal bad boy with a few twists. "For love it was, she gave in as a cause." ==================== PLEASE READ, I'M BAD AT THESE BUT THE STORY...

  • Guns 'N Roses || Jason McCann Fanfiction
    5.9K 168 5

    He loves guns. She loves roses. He commits crime, she gets straight A's. He loves to punish people while she knows how to forgive. He wears grills, she depends on braces. *SCENE FROM BOOK* "Girls with braces aren't my type." He breathed into my neck. "Guys with a criminal record aren't my type either." I reply...

  • Never Stopped Loving You (Sequel to Fake Date)
    780K 15.4K 58

    What happens after Justins mistake got Megan to leave him for good? It seems good for Megan as she starts a new beginning in her life and has clearly moved on. But on the other hand.. Justin is in deep depression. The only person that can make him stand on his feet again would be Megan. What can Justin do to bring her...

  • Under Pressure: Season 2 of Who Knew?
    515K 10.6K 23

    "Being a Bieber has sacrifices." See how Caleb Bieber deals with his life with everyone watching, he has to find out who he is, but he struggles with everyone judging him and watching his every move just because his parents are Justin Bieber and Kylie Braun.