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    4.7M 133K 63

    Empire High was built for the Empire Society: Reapers, Gangsters, Assassins and Mafias. And as the classes starts, a nerd girl named Fuschia will enroll. A lady who has the key of secret about Three Personas; The Legendary Gang Leader, The Queen and The Empress. Demons who'll you wish not to wake up and mess with. Cu...

  • Dear tadhana (Published and adapted to a series)
    38.7M 1.1M 51

    Minsan kahit gaano natin i-plano ang buhay natin darating at darating talaga ang panahon na sisirain iyon ng mapaglarong tadhana. At dalawa lang ang pwede mong gawin, ang sumabay sa agos o ang kalabanin ang nakatadhana sayo pero ang tanong kaya mo ba? Destined book 2 Written by blue_maiden Start date: October 30...

  • The Trouble with the Rule
    36.6M 1M 70

    Teen Clash (New Generation): An ordinary school with ordinary students following an ordinary rule. What's the rule? Simple. Stick to how things stand. A story about love, friendship and family. (Completed. Published under Pop Fiction.)

  • For All of My Life
    79 5 3

    I had enough of his bullshit lies. If I could only turn back the time, I would rather be single than being committed to him that is very regretful to me. Suddenly, he changed. I don't know how it was. She has a miserable life already. Until she met this mysterious guy, her world turned into a disaster. Paano niya...

  • Tantei High (Erityian Tribes, #1) | Published under Pop Fiction
    77.6M 2.2M 74

    Erityian Tribes Series #1 || Not your ordinary detective story. ( completed and published in print )