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  • Minecon At Midnight (CaptainSparklez & Team Crafted FF) DISCONTINUED
    18.4K 731 7

    Jordan, Lexi, and their friends survived. Jake is in jail, most lead healthy relationships, they are all happy for once. Two years pass, and MineCon rolls around, stirring up excitement in everyone. They'd all be together again! This time free of the monster that is Jake! But when there is a strange twist of events, t...

  • I Met Him On Minecraft
    242K 5K 20

    "He seemed so normal on minecraft. He just said he wanted to meet me in person after we had been talking for ages. I agreed and that's where it went all wrong." Ophelia Summers is a normal girl living a normal life in a normal town blah blah blah. It all pretty normal. Then one day her parents finally agree to get her...

  • Normal (SyndiSparklez)
    43.1K 3.3K 30

    Jordan. A 'normal' student, right? A 'NORMAL' high school boy to the eye. Hah. His life is anything but normal, anything but happy, anything on the positive side - His life, to him... it's the worst thing. WARNING: Contains the following - Abuse; Bullying; Rape; Alcohol Use And More

    Completed   Mature
  • Tainted Balance
    24.5K 932 24

    Jordan had always only wanted to serve His Lady Ianite. He followed every order to the best of his abilities, tried to keep the balance, and just tried to serve his goddess as best he could. But one day, Ianite gives him a strange task involving.. The Taint. Now the balance has been broken by the ones made to keep it...

  • The Shadows of Mianite (Currently Writing: Book 2)
    1.5K 43 5

    The world of Mianite is in chaos. The Nether and the Overworld are in complete and utter discord. The gods are silence. Worst of all, Ianite is gone. She's disappeared again, and CaptainSparklez doesn't know what to do. No one knows what's going on, until Cronus tells them that the Shadows has been awakened and impris...