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  • Hetalia One-Shots!!
    35.7K 1.2K 48

    This one-shot book has the Prussian Seal of Awesomeness!!! Kesese~ * Hetalia One-Shots. 'Nuff said. :3 * Country x Reader, Country x Country, requests closed!

  • Hetalia Song One-Shots [Requests Open]
    8.9K 488 157

    Do I need a description? ...Fine! Hetalia song one shots. REQUESTS OPEN! Yaoi, yuri, and single character one shots made after songs. You can request AU's if you would like. All I want if for you to enjoy reading the one shots. :) -Angel <3 Do not do: Smut, x readers, straight ships ((sorry, gay to the bone)). Once a...

    Completed   Mature
  • Hetalia One Shots
    144K 3.8K 20

    Hetalia OneShots!

  • HETALIA TopCanons & Crack (+facts/more)
    110K 5.4K 137

    Inside this book you will find the usual Hetalia madness in a collection the best headcanons, crack, facts and more that are the 3 F's (funny/fluffy/feelsy) and will make you fangirl, LOL, facepalm, cry, facepalm again or all of the above. Each chapter also includes a photo! *Request's accepted! *Contains ships/pairin...

  • Hetalia One Shots!!!
    16.6K 414 58

    just liker the title says.I always see these,so I decided to write one! I'm not the best writer,but I try to make it enjoyable!

  • Hetalia Headcanons [COMPLETE]
    1.1M 52.5K 166

    This just includes headcanons on the show (duh), which I honestly didn't expect would become popular. If you want to request, comment. If ya have a submission, PM me. Enjoy! EDIT: PART TWO IS OUT

  • Hetalia One-shots
    187K 5.9K 72

    Hey guys! So I've seen a lot of people do these and I thought I'd do this too. So presenting my attempt at Hetalia One-shots! :) -yugioh_fangirl

  • Hetalia One-Shots
    6.6K 147 20

    Just some one-shots with multiple Hetalia characters! Please enjoy! Some are sad, while others are fluffy and happy! :) Requests are always open for these! Goes from my oldest to newest, so there is some grammar/spelling improvements as it goes along!

  • Hetalia OneShots
    3.5K 127 15

    I've written a few oneshots as separate stories, but from now on I'm writing them in this book so I don't have to start a new one each time. I'll take requests if I like them!

  • Hetalia Oneshots
    6.4K 311 33

    These One Shots are based off requests from friends and Tumblr Prompts. They're all hetalia. Feel free to request through PM.