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  • Winterhawk Drabbles&One-Shots
    6.9K 332 15

    Just some winterhawk drabbles and one-shots I don't know what else to say...

  • Katara, of the Fire Nation
    9K 276 33

    An Au, where Katara is found to be the last water bender, she is taken from her home and brought to the Fire Nation where she is thrown in front of Fire Lord Ozai, who takes her in, hoping that one day she could become a great asset in his war

  • Tempest in a Teacup
    13.4K 547 23

    This is not my story in is on It's by Aka Vertigo. This is her story and disclaimer. Disclaimer: Avatar: The Last Airbender is the creation of Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, and is owned by Nickelodeon. Good for them. This story and its contents, however, belong to me; I'm willing to bre...

  • The Flash: Julian x Barry || one shots
    9.7K 180 19

    don't judge me but I ship them. None of you can stop me so deal with it... a bunch of one shots for Draco and Barry (Draco also plays Julian) love you guys but I want them to be!

  • They're Back!
    92.2K 2.1K 23

    It has been three years since the Battle of Hogwarts, and since anyone's seen Harry. But what happens when some unexpected guests arrive at the Burrow the day after Harry returns? Credit for cover art goes to viria, updated as frequently as possible, sorry some chapters are short. This is my first story! Please no hur...

  • Divergent: No War
    769K 16.7K 43

    Life in Dauntless without the war. Its hard to explain without spoilers, but this has many different things from other fanfics. Including Tris sharing an apartment with Christina, working as a tattoo artist, a new festivity call the 5 Weeks of Factions, a memory loss and lots of FourTris! *I made this in February of 2...

  • OUAT X Descendants 2
    147 4 1

    When two universes collide :D

  • The Ghost and The Wolf: Book I of The Broken Series
    222K 4.1K 6

    [EXCERPT!] [BEING PUBLISHED!] [Highest Rank: #4 in Mystery/Thriller] [Featured Story - Fall 2017] Student reporter Penelope needs to prove herself. She chases a story tip on a secret organization of teenage urban explorers called The Broken. With the assistance of a young paranormal investigator, she begins to uncover...

  • Gil x Harry One-Shots
    84.1K 1.4K 16

    The title says it all.

  • Descendents of StoryBrook
    30.9K 754 35

    When Jane grabs her mothers wand, not only does she free Maleficent she sends the four Villain kids to a new land, where they discover that alternate versions of the people of Auradon all live together: Hero's and Villains alike. Set at the end of season 4 but before Emma becomes The Dark One

  • Harry Potter One Shots (genderswapped)
    1.9K 52 11

    Quite litterally what the tittle says

  • The Three Patronuses
    49.7K 931 7

    Harry's life changes the moment he receives a letter notifying him that he will no longer live with the Dursleys. How will he react when he finds out that his parents, James and Lily, have come back to life after fourteen years? The new presence of parental figures in Harry's life twists the plan of fate and tests the...

  • Green Lantern: The Brave and the Bold (HALBARRY)
    1.2K 69 3

    Barry Allen had heard of the Green Lanterns before but what happens when he gets rescued by the one and only Hal Jordan?

  • Almost The End (See Them Again Sequel)
    16K 577 6

    It's been 4 years since the Hogwarts Reunion of students from the War Years. Nikki is 1 year away from starting at Hogwarts, causing both Hermione and Draco to go into frenzy as they're unable to cope with the idea of all their children away from home. Mel and Markos are in their 3rd year, causing havoc and mayhem eve...

  • Harry Potter Texts
    3.3M 186K 163

    Funny texts from the Harry Potter characters!

  • Our Eclipse (Zutara)
    100K 4.1K 32

    CURRENTLY UNDER MAJOR EDITING AND RECONSTRUCTION. ••• No more avatar. The cycle has been broken. A girl, lost in the fight between love and war. Will peace reign again? Or will the fire nation have their way in eradicating the last sentiment of hope we cling to? (A zutara fanfic)

  • Peter is Spider-Man? (Avengers/spider-man)
    65.7K 1.8K 8

    A series of events happen and it all leads up to Peter's superfamily (AKA The Avengers) finding out that Peter has been Spider-man all along. Peter is longing to be part of the Avengers but can't due to his parents over protectiveness. What happens when Ultron comes into the story and wants to kill Peter? (There is sp...

  • Dramione
    66.4K 2.1K 20

    We all wish it had happened. But what if it did? What if there was a secret relationship that J. K. Rowling never shared with the fans? My own interpretation of the Harry Potter series. It doesn't change any major plot points from the books and/or movies, stays true to J. K. Rowling's inspirational story. Yes, my...

  • Mercy [Spideypool]
    421K 20.8K 19

    Mercy is not in Deadpool's vocabulary. Well, that was before he met Peter Parker. A 17 year old photographer who knew a little too much. Deadpool was hired to kill a 17 year old student. This student happen to dig his nose into trouble and find out things that will kill him. Peter Parker knew he didn't want to die, s...

    Completed   Mature
  • Pills N Potions
    438K 19.1K 24

    ∆∆∆ "You're going to have to take these pills now." "Why do I have to take this again?" He wondered, his young mind having a hard time processing all the new information. "Because, Peter, you can get pregnant." ∆∆∆

  • Here We Go
    349K 14.9K 38

    Peter Parker was born on August 15. On October 27, he was given to Jasmine Day's Boys Home. That December, Jasmine Day's Boys Home burnt down. All of the boys - including Peter - were saved thanks to two people. Those people were Anthony Edward Rogers-Stark and Steven Grant Rogers-Stark and they were in the middle of...

  • Here We Go Again
    68.4K 3.2K 32

    [Sequel to Here We Go] Being the son of two world-famous superheroes, Iron Man and Captain America, already paints a big target on Peter's back for anyone trying to sabotage the Avengers. Being Spider-Man paints another target on his back. Being the boyfriend of a mutant mercenary who works for a merciless man who has...

  • Alternative Intros For The Flash ϟ Part 2
    18.6K 1.5K 105

    Part 2 of "Alternative Intros For The Flash" Based on The CW's TV Show, "The Flash." "My name is Barry Allen and..." #AlternativeFlashIntros Thank you to all who read "Alternative Intros For The Flash"! :)

  • Forbidden Love (SnowBarry FanFiction)
    146K 4K 41

    Having both recently embarked on brand new relationships, Barry and Caitlin are both content with their love lives, until both of the friends discover some hidden feelings they have been harbouring for each other, unbeknown to them for a while, so after admitting their true feelings for each other, they both decide to...

  • "PETER PARKER!" (Spideypool)
    335K 11.2K 17

  • My Girl Of Steel~Superflash Fan Fic~
    51.3K 1.1K 15

    When The Flash saves Supergirl from a window, he can't get back to his Earth and he falls for Supergirl! Before He can get the girl, Barry must help Supergirl defeat enemies Silver Banshee and Livewire! Will be save the day with his new partner? Will he get the girl? Will he get back home? Cover Made by @thefanficgi...