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  • Aarmau: Butterflies
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    Hey guys. You seemed to like the last Aarmau fanfic so I decided to start writing another. This doesn't follow the storyline to my other Aarmau fanfics. Hope you enjoyed. Now time for the description. Takes place in side stories so before mystreet started. My name is Aphmau. My current best friend is Aaron Lycan.( Don...

  • Kaimau: Win You Back
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    Takes place after episode 15: Kai's Crush After Aphmau gets heartbroken by the news that Kai likes Katelyn she doesn't know what to do. She just can't bring it in herself to talk to either of them. So she's goes to Ein. Kai likes Katelyn but when Aphmau starts hanging out with another guy Kai realizes maybe Katelyn i...