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  • Puppet boy continuation
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    This is a version of puppet boy from when he and Emily are in the bathtub

  • Puppet boy is good
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    If puppet boy was good this would be how it went

  • Puppet Girl
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    I felt every stitch. I felt every cut. I was slowly loosing myself and becoming a.... Puppet

    Completed   Mature
  • Lets Play Dolls
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    (THIS STORY IS DISCONTINUED, EXPlained BELOW) "Let's play dolls under a cherry blossom tree but one doll got run over and lost both her feet another one got bit and bled to death another one left and never came back Let's play dolls where no one will roam near this old abandoned home they say the ghost come out at ni...

  • Puppet Girl (on hold)
    15.7K 353 9

    Emily was a normal girl with her little brother, but when she goes out to get something, her car breaks down and she meets her 'Master'. Ever since then the suffering never ended. She never got to say goodbye to her family, or Tyler, the guy who is with her. Her life is taken away before she even gets to see her br...

  • Tyler The Puppet Mastser
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    I have been a puppet boy. Now I'm like my master. I became what he always wanted me to be. A master. A puppet master!

  • Puppetry
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    The mysterious disappearance of Emerald Moonshine, aged 21. A drill and some puppet strings. Some cold paint. These are the only clues. Follow the perspective of Emerald, the kidnapped one, desperate for both her life and freedom. Sherbet, an innocent child who is determined to get to the bottom of the mystery. And Et...

  • Puppet Boy (Poems Inspired By)
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    A poem inspired the horror novel, Puppet Boy written by @z0mbies 'Hang loosely, Limply Until death the puppeteer arrives, Hear his cackle, Watch him grin, As his puppets become alive.' **Possibly poems.

  • puppet boy
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    ≫ puppet boy: stories and poems ≪ a collection of stories and poems i've written based off of @z0mbies "puppet boy" ♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎ ≫ achievements ≪ highest rank: #702 in poetry (06.02.2016) reader milestone: 1k reads (12.03.2016)