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  • The Trail
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    Never stray from the trail. It was a warning told for years. A warning older than the villagers, some would say even older than the village itself. It was the only protection they had, to stray from the trail, was to tempt death, to invoke the blood lust of the beast that resided in the haunting forest. The beast tha...

  • An Abundance Of Oneshots
    295 23 10

    Oh boy. We're doing this. I've hesitated to write any oneshots or imagines because what if I want to turn them into a full-plotted book?! But we're doing this! As all the nerds say, Allons-y! Status: ONGOING Requests: OPEN (see first chapter) Fandoms: Avatar the Last Airbender Avengers Buffy the Vampire Slayer Crimin...

  • A Devil's Love
    7.3K 289 9

    Chloe's best friend is back, and Lucifer's charm can't seem to affect her either. Is she also a miracle child? Or something...more? [Story starts during S2 Ep4, Female Reader Insert]

  • Anxiety
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    This book is a place where everyone is welcome and people who are struggling can talk to other people including me. Like a support group just without the annoying therapists and with people going through similar things. If you want to add something but want it to be anonymous pm me and I will add it so no one will kno...