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  • HaRVesT MooN: Gray X Claire (Discontinue Sorry!)
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    Is Gray the boy of Claire childhood? Will their love blooms? A harvest moon fanfiction story by me. :) I've always love this couple :) Hope you enjoy :) thank you :) *Only available in Wattpad*

  • Old Friend, New Life
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    This a Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town love story between you and Gray. You will be in the story as "____." You can insert your name, Claire (the girl in MFoMT), or just any name you like. I DO NOT OWN HARVEST MOON: MORE FRIENDS OF MINERAL TOWN OR ANY HARVEST MOON GAMES. I just own the ideas for this story...

  • seasonal change || graire ✔️
    7.1K 348 30

    All Claire Adams wanted is to learn new things in life and be independent. So after seeing an ad in a newspaper, she sets out to a place called Mineral Town, only to find out that she has been tricked. As she starts the journey of reviving the old farm, she meets two guys along the way; one is a grumpy yet a nice blac...

  • Harvesting Ores (Harvest Moon Fanfic)
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    (this is just some random fanfic i thought of making since im planning to marry gray in harvest moon xDD lololooool) gray is some average teenage boy who lives with his grandfather to work with him... well, he's not really an 'average' person. gray is the sloppy and unsocial type since he was left by his father at a v...