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  • His mute angel { Book 2 Avaible on dreame)
    295K 2.5K 16

    He is arrogant. He is ruthless He is the mafia king. He gets everything in a snap of his finger. He loves his family a lot can do anything for them. He has no weakness. Only she can change him She is an Angel She is calm She is smiling always. She has no family. But still happy. She is the reason for his calmness. ***...

  • His Obsession
    80.4K 3.1K 40

    A ferocious force of Nature, who Owned the very Essence. His daunting presence sucking the very life of out of his surroundings. The intimidating, domineering, dangerous man had a Ice cold heart & a black soul. He was just as formidable as he was ruthless. His powerful, merciless chiseled face with an animalistic aura...