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  • Join The Squad
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    Hello fellow songbirds! Welcome to the battle for the ten spots! Who will be the top 10 Songbirds? Let's start, shall we?

  • Anime Cover Contests
    19.5K 1.5K 72

    [Status: CLOSED] Challenge your skills on making an anime cover.. Feel free to join... Always Welcome.. I'll be open anytime and waiting.. ^_^

  • °Tabemasu - oldie graphics
    9.6K 981 36

    たべる | "to eat" a compilation of mediocre old graphics ﹏﹏ update | 900k VOTES?! I AM ABSOLUTELY FLABBERGASTED 🤤🤤 THANK YOU ©Mochilita 2016

  • Cover Contests | on hold
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    Hosted and Judged me, July <3

  • The Garden of Covers
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    Hello everyone! Welcome to the Garden of Covers! ヾ(^-^)ノ This is where I plant cover edits, cover entries, fan covers, random edits, etc. Photos used all belong to their rightful owners. The graphics/covers here are made by me. #513 (Random)

  • [CLOSED]Writing Contests
    95K 3.9K 94

    highest ranking: 1st in "writing contests" Are you bursting with writing energy but have no idea what to write? Well, look no further. I host prompted writing contests twice a month here! Check the latest chapter for more information. My team: @hannahsue-- @Alygi...

  • (CLOSED) Anime Cover Shop I
    20.9K 1.4K 62

    *Completed* Date Started: 2/21/15 Date Finished: 6/18/15

  • Kuroko No Basuke Contest Entries - May 2015
    10.1K 251 31

    Contains each one of the submitted entries for Kuroko no Basuke Canon Writings - May 2015. One-shot and multi-chapter stories will be posted here until the entries close on 16th May 2015.

  • [❌CLOSED❌] mM's Anime Book Covers
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  • Ashley's Graphic Portfolio
    5.2K 618 42

    Graphic junks that you won't regret to see. Date Started:June 27,2015 Date Finished: - - - - - Copyrights 2015

    13.5K 1.1K 49

    *Completed* Date Started: 6/22/15 Date Finished: 12/22/15

  • Creating Book Covers~||Book 2 [CLOSED]
    8.6K 554 24

    [CLOSED] Welcome!! Published: June 18th, 2015 . . . *Art I use for covers do NOT belong to me. However, I designed and created the covers* **Please do not steal my covers and claim them as your own. If seen stolen; please report to me** -ALL RIGHTS RESERVED-

  • Crane Graphic Studio || CLOSED
    6.7K 649 33

    Used to be [ Paper Crane ] Ranked #149 in Random by 07/08/16 Anime & Realistic Status: CLOSED ✓ book covers ✓ book jackets ✓ book banners ✓ advertisement banners ✗ headers ✗ icons