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  • Sleepover (smol lil fanfic)
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    My first story! ------------------------------ ~*This is mostly child friendly*~ ~*Some parts of this story may seem inappropriate, but I promise, they are not that bad*~ ~*I made this because of my over excessive addiction to this ship*~ ------------------------------ ⚠️Warni...

  • Kapril oneshots!
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    These are going to be kapril one shots!mostly based on canary, but I'll aalways do requests!

  • Ask Or Dare Akanao
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    Send in any type of questions or dares for my favourite ship

  • Kapril One Shots
    204 7 2

    Just me trying to improve my writing skills by writing about our favorite lesbian bbys ❤️✨

  • Its Just Me And You..(Akanao One-shots)
    357 6 3

    Just a Akanao one-shot book. you can comment ideas, plots and au's for chapters, i will try to do them all. (yes, lemon is aloud, but i'm not gonna do it often, unless its requested)

  • Glitter force T or D (MANY SHIPPING!)
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    You can dare the glitter force and the bad end generls. Make sure their all spicy and some nasty... (:D)

  • The Glitter Force's new member
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    This is Glitter force. But different. For example. Gay. There will be gay stuff... and... I"M IN THE STORY!! That's right! I'm in the story! I will be Ashley (Not my real name) Who will sone become Glitter something! I need a name. A/N: I am not continuing this story. I know. Tragic. I have dropped out of this fandom...

  • Ask or Dare the Glitter Force
    8.5K 179 26

    Just Ask or Dare the Glitter force. It's in the name.

  • A new love- kapril love story
    4.9K 132 13

    Catching your boyfriend cheating on you is something everyone hopes to never experience, but things never go Kelsey Ace's way. As things escalate rapidly Kelsey finds herself in a mysterious predicament. Who's there for her when she needs it the most?

  • Glitter force love
    5.6K 87 6

    Lily falls in love with brute Emily falls for ulrik chloe falls for rascal and April falls for Kelsey Ships are Kapril Emily x ulrik Lily x brute Chloe x rascal

  • Ask and Dare Kelsey and April
    1.8K 51 5

    Ask them and dare them!

  • [DISCONTINUED] Ask or Dare the Glitter Force
    11.9K 286 24

    Fun, Fun and more Fun! Enjoy daring the Glitter Force

  • Damcclub
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  • kapril the love between
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    Kelsie was normal and really loved her April senpai until she got put on the glitter forse with her love she had to hide it April on the other hand loved her some Kelsie just more than a friend loved her it was the other girls OTP

  • Ask/ Dare the Glitter Force!
    6.4K 162 25

    Please ask or dare them!

  • All Yours - Kapril Love Story {Discontinued}
    9.7K 363 28

    The Glitter Force has defeated Nogo, Candy is the new queen of Jubiland, and the three evil villains are back to being pixies. Everything is going great for the Glitter Force, for all apart from Kelsey, who is struggling with her love for April. What if April's straight? What is shes rejected? What if it'll affect the...

  • ♡ Smile Precure One~Shots ♡
    15.7K 153 9

    WARNING!! Careful!! Some Smuts ahead! Some Fluffs ahead. Anyone who isn't comfortable with Smut, probably not the book for you. But eh. GO RIGHT IN

  • Ask or Dare the Glitter Force
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    Me: welcome everyone come comment things for the Glitter Force FIRST SEASON OF TRUTH OR DARE WITH KITTY

  • Truth or dare kapril
    2.6K 43 12

    April falls for Kelsey and Kelsey falls for April but their friends know and is making them play truth and dare