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  • Lumiere: A Steampunk Fantasy: Book 1, The Illumination Paradox Series
    2.4K 50 2

    Even in a land of twilight, secrets can't stay hidden forever... After an unexplained flash claims Eyelet Elsworth's father and shatters the rest of her world, Eyelet embarks on a quest to recover her father's prized invention-The Illuminator. With it, she hopes to be able to cure her debilitating seizures, that if di...

  • Angelic
    1.2M 16K 8

    Previously named 'My Secret Life as a Victoria's Secret Model'. Being the daughter Hollywood's golden couple is tough. Pristine Ferro should know. People always wondered how she lacked even the slightest hint of charm, talent, or good looks that her parents possesses. To the eyes of a stranger, she is nothing but an...

  • Haunted | The Hunger Games
    770 20 1

    Alexandria Sandersons (Taylor Swift) is one of the rare people to volunteer from District 4. Mature, head-fast and lacking a sense of humor, Alexandria was not a potential candidate for the Games. In an unfortunate twist of events, her best friend, Fredrick Summers (Louis Tomlinson), is picked for the Games. Fredrick...

  • Taylor Swift- My Best Friend
    34.6K 656 21

    This is the story of Jess. A regular teen just like you and me who persuaded her Dad to take her to Nashville. But she never expected that she'd be meeting her idol, and the adventures she would take her on.

  • Taylor Squared- Love Story
    96.9K 1K 33

    This is what REALLY happened between Taylor and Taylor that year.