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  • Unconditional (Klaroline love story)
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    “What’s that look?” she asked with a smirk. “What look, love?” he said, innocently. She looked in to his eyes, seeing the warm happy feeling that hang on them. “That look” she said, smiling after a moment of examining him. “I’m happy” he said, taking his right-hand from the steering wheel and placing it on her han...

  • Unwanted And Undead //Klaroline
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    A zombie apocalypse is happening, Caroline is a twenty-four year old women who has been abandoned by her friends because they used her as bait. She's alone in New York City, that is until she finds her brother and sisters-in-laws. Her fiancé is 6 days away, walking distance, on a business trip with his brother, Elijah...

  • The Misadventures Of Caroline Forbes - A Klaroline Fanfiction
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    This is a Klaroline fanfiction because I love them, and if you ask me Klaus deserves to get his girl already!! #TeamKlaus So this is my story about Caroline finally giving Klaus a chance to show her what no else has before...what it feels like to come first. They'll deal with lies, lovers, murder, and sacrifice, all o...