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  • Snapchat ➳ l.t
    1.2M 63.6K 17

    ❝wanna see my dick?❞ © CynicalCaroline 2014 All Rights Reserved.

    Completed   Mature
  • stay with me » louis tomlinson
    53.1K 2.4K 10

    "won't you stay with me 'cause you're all i need" cover made by the amazingly talented, super cute, beautiful kat. go check out her writing bc her works are amazing okay? @sweaterlou © reliefs

  • waterfall » louis tomlinson
    63.2K 4.4K 10

    the water from her eyes streaked down her face, almost like a waterfall, equally beautiful as well. cover made by kit kat aka @sweaterlou © reliefs

  • vegas || louis tomlinson
    13K 473 5

    ❝I'm nothing special, just a nineteen year old with a bad drinking problem.❞ © 2014 All Rights Reserved - wonderrland

  • flaws || louis tomlinson
    15.9K 496 3

    ❝I saw that you were perfect, and so I fell in love with you. Then I saw that you were not perfect, and so I fell in love with you even more.❞ © 2014 All Rights Reserved - wonderrland

  • Flames
    952K 32.2K 22

    ❝There's only a thin line between love and hate, and sometimes it feels like we're dancing on that line.❞ *Discontinued

  • Five Little Liars (One Direction/ Pretty Little Liars)
    250K 5.4K 38

    {COMPLETE} The lovely architecture and notoriously posh people of Bath are helpful distractions from the thousands of secrets slipping whispered into ears and written on notes. Everyone has a secret, and some have more than others... If anyone knows about keeping secrets, it would be Liam, Niall, Harry, Zayn and Loui...

  • Take Me As I Am (Completed)
    20.6M 434K 52

    I don't like One Direction. So can someone please tell me why I'm stuck on a game show with the five boys who have stolen millions of girls' hearts?

  • The Little Shop
    198K 4.3K 22

    Five young lads... and one even younger little girl? AJ Burrows is seven years old and crying in a fitting room. One Direction are on their way to an event in need of a coat. They say that it's kind of a funny story, that it all started with a little shop full of brown leather jackets and a women's fitting room. She s...

  • Darling, This Is Paris
    58.1K 1.3K 1

    "Darling, this is Paris. If you don't find love here, you won't find love anywhere."

  • Her Neverland [ Louis Tomlinson]
    263K 5.8K 33

    "Look Harmony! I'm on top of the world!" His voice bellowed throughout the hushed parking lot. "No, Louis. You're on top of a car." I sniggered at the look of defeat on his face. "Come on Harmony, just pretend." The way he leaned forward and whispered to me made me think of my brother Ben before he left ou...

  • the traveller // louis tomlinson
    1M 27.6K 39

    Everybody has a story, but Mia's is definitely special. After being seperated from Shiloh, her one true love, she decides to hitch-hike across the country to reunite with him. The boys of One Direction just happen to be doing a show in Las Vegas when they stumble upon this 'traveller'. They hear her story and are move...

  • Fame || Elounor || #WATTYS2014
    107K 5.3K 24

    [COMPLETED] Eleanor was tired of everything, she hated being called a "beard ", even if Louis assured her that he loved her, and only her. Soon Eleanor snaps and decides she just can't handle it anymore. She decides to take her life, and become an angel in the skies. © Copyright 2013 Avila Marie [CONTAINS EXPLICIT LAN...

  • Pizza {Louis Tomlinson AU}
    105K 4.9K 23

    ❝ you're beautiful, like a beautiful piece of pizza, yeah? ❞ "Nice to see you again, huh Drew?" "You can say that, I have nothing else better to do on a Friday night." "Well you bring pizzas to my house on Friday nights, is that a something?" "You can say that." Drew Bryant simply delivered pizzas every Friday night t...