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  • Submissive Escort | 18+
    358K 7.5K 7

    MATURE CONTENT When it came to her job she loved it. Getting wined and dined by rich businessmen who needed a companion, as well as gaining a hefty amount of money in return for her time. She had one rule, no sexual contact with clients. She'll soon come to realize that this rule will be harder than originally thought...

  • Dragon's Leash
    3.8K 288 6

    Hazel appears a starved slave who is forced to mine deep underground inside the Fahrenheit; a hot, steam laden mine, where only the worst slaves are forced. Yet in actuality, she is a queen in disguise and the last trained female Sword Dancer to survive the eradication of her rare blood line in Apogee. She is a natura...

  • Dragon's Pet
    196K 8.5K 39

    Minx is all grown up at 17 years. She is still a formidable tiny Dragon with a psycho rage... it's only slightly mellowed. After all, a Bellum Minima Dominus can't ever really be tamed. They can be bribed, maybe, with sweets or promises of loyalty. However, they can't be controlled. Which is why Minx is on the run thr...

    Completed   Mature
  • Born His - Book #2
    595K 5.7K 12

    Book #2 in A Hidden Secret Trilogy Coming Spring 2019 Don't miss out on the continuation of Lexi's story! This is a sample. The full version is on my patreon account with all my other books. I hope you enjoy and continue to follow me. For my other account it's @TeamJeriassa where I'm teaming up with 2 other writers...

  • Carter Brothers: Adrian (Rated R Novel)
    7.6M 145K 33

    [Book 4 of the Carter Brother series *can be read separately* ]. Rated-R Novel (only Rated R on some chapters). Adrian Carter is desperate and that doesn't happen very often but he can't help it. Seeing his brothers so happy with their soul-mates is making him envious and even more determined to find his own one-true...

    Completed   Mature
  • Hope - Book 1 of the Bad Boy Vibes series
    177K 1.5K 18

    Contains bullying, non- consensual sex and foul language. Read at your own risk... and don't complain afterwards. This is a 3 book series: - Hope - Book 1 - Heat - Book 2 - Heart - Book 3 This story was once Brother's Girl and then it became Heartaches and now its called Hope. LOL. Losing her virginity to such a charm...

    Completed   Mature
  • His.
    9.9M 228K 37

    Khloe Pearson - Ms. Goody Two Shoes with a secret fantasy that she is too scared to let anyone know about. No one knows about it, but one person. And that one person is in her past. Or so she thinks. Ian Wilder - Mr. Sex on Legs and a dominating man searching for one girl. Khloe Pearson. He knows her deepest darkest s...

    Completed   Mature
  • Dominating Love ✓
    6.5M 135K 62

    New cover and i am in love! All thanks to JaysArmy Thanks Love, you're the best. SEQUEL TO DOMINATING DESIRES, READ THAT FIRST! *Sexual Content* With everything out in the open, Chase and Brylee can take their relationship public now but that doesn't mean things are easy. Between the chaos of her brother's rehab, he...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Brothers | Illicit Desires #3
    8.3M 148K 19

    Exotically innocent Lydia did not expect her father's new girlfriend to have two devilishly sexual sons. Sinn and Nikolas have finally found their perfect little sex kitten and no law is going to stop them from keeping her even if everything they plan to do is forbidden... "You're our's sweetheart..." Sinn...

    Completed   Mature
  • Wanting Her (BDSM,Menage)
    258K 2.5K 7


  • On Santa's Lap *Published*
    3.3M 96.4K 28

    Evelyn Monroe hated Christmas, she wasn't always like that. Even till the age of seventeen she believed that Father Christmas existed somewhere, but just before her 18th Christmas her world changed and so did her beliefs and thoughts. That's till she runs into the plaza's Santa who sported a very sexy six pack under...

  • Dragon's Mate
    1.2M 35.5K 13

    *MATURE* Don't let anyone ever fool you that mating is easy business and all soft kisses and cuddles. Because it's not. Especially if you're mating a breed of shifters whom are suppose to be extinct after the last Great War thousands of years ago. Say hello to my mates-yes-plural as in two ferocious, sinfully sexy, de...

  • Untamed Desires
    419K 8.3K 7

    MATURE CONTENT!! 18+ 'Two sexy men, one pool, one girl and the burst of sensual testosterone and endless pleasure.' Vladimir and Ivan are Leona's childhood friends, as well as the inspiration for every sensually inappropriate thought that every trespassed her naughty thoughts. But there's more going on with these two...

  • Virgin Exotica ♡18+♡ PUBLISHED (SAMPLE)
    5.2M 74.3K 42

    "And you guys wanna know how he made me climax?" Akira Sanders is just your average high school nerd. On the outside, she is a shy plain Jane that you wouldn't even spare a second glance. However, she has a dirty little secret-a sexy vixen of an alter ego. Also known as Miss O, Akira secretly writes erotica stories fo...

    Completed   Mature
  • Jake the Panty-Ripper (Book 1, the Phantoms MC Series)
    29.8M 1M 53

    Maya, an innocent nurse, finds herself forced to accept protection from the Phantoms MC, specifically the dangerous, irresistible biker, Jake Ford. ***** Maya, a kind nurse, has a normal life and a normal boyfriend, Sebastian. But one day she drops...

    Completed   Mature
  • Ecstasy (BDSM, Ménage)
    1.5M 21.3K 20

    -UNDER MAJOR EDITING- After celebrating her 18th birthday with her party-maniac cousin at a mysterious and seductive club, Delilah Stone wanders unknowingly into its restricted area. Little did she know, it was a BDSM club owned by the well-known Richard Carter and Jonathan Caine. And that the restricted area she was...

  • Everlasting Youth
    75.8K 506 6

    Kate, 19. Anabelle, "28" meet in the most weirdest situation. Kate is forced into prostitution as her brother is mentally incapable of being social, so she needs a job to look after both her self and her brother. Her customer Anabelle looks for girls for her sexual pleasures, but soon Kate grows curious to why Anabell...

  • Puppet Master
    5.3M 111K 43

    GRAPHIC and EXPLICIT! Tori's been in love with Jayden since she was twelve years old, but he's pulled away at every turn. Doubts, insecurities, and certain, ahem, preferences have been convincing him that she's the kind of girl to totter about on pedestals, and definitely not the lady for him. Exce...

    Completed   Mature
  • Homo (Lesbian Stories)
    840K 11.6K 20

    Cleo is a young college student looking for excitement. Mostly known for their late night studying- somehow their path crosses with a new transfer student named DJ. A seductive psychology major who opens up an entire new world....a world filled with lust, laughter, drama and hot sex. But as their relationship grows, C...