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  • Guys, I Don't Think We're In Kansas Anymore... {DC UNIVERSE}
    1.4K 94 14

    Have you ever wished to run with Flash, fly with Superman, kick butt with Batman, or stop crime in Star and Jump city? We did... and our wish came true. Read the adventures of Cait, Cas, Cam, Kris, & Bree when we get teleported into the DC Universe! ⚡👻️🔥⌛️💎 We don't own DC!

  • Impulsive
    11.8K 338 16

    "I solemnly swear I will kick Bart's adorable flash-butt when I arrive at the past". "Goodbye Reach-infested future, and heeellloooo about-to-be-invaded-by-aliens-with-no-noses past unless I crash the mode".

  • Young Justice: Red Comet
    27.2K 1.3K 23

    (Red Beetle: Book 2) Remy Emerson aka Red Beetle is giving all of her trust to Dusk. Dusk is the only one that can bring back Zatanna, Wonder Girl and Robin. All of them murder by the Reach in way or another. In order to save them, they have to leave the Team behind and continue on their own. Now, Red, Dusk and Mr. Ma...

  • The Baby Incident
    43.3K 1.1K 10

    What happens when Robin, Wally, Artemis, M'gann, Zatanna, Kaldur and Conner where turned into babies and Roy and has to help take care of them along with the League? Will secrets be reviled? Will it be cured? This story will have TONS of daddybats cute babies and fluff so enjoy,

  • Young Justice ff- a lost bird
    103K 4.3K 44

    When Robin is 'Birdnapped' by the joker, harley, riddler, bane, pioson ivy and cat woman what will happen when they try to bring him to insanity so they can over take gotham and eventually the country? Will the bird excape or will his wings be cut? Find out in this story.

  • Runaway (young justice~blue beetle)
    491 15 2

    Alex or Alexis is a 16 year old girl,who has abusive foster parents .Alex has a power ,she can freeze things or make it snow. She runs away from her foster home and gets stopped by a villain,and the only way for Alex to protect herself is expose her powers.young justice helps her,and when they see she has powers nigh...

  • Young Justice Fanfiction: Part of a Team
    318K 10.2K 69

    Alejandra was abandoned when she was a baby. She was sent to an orphanage. As she grew, she began to get these strange abilities. Alejandra after a time of struggles, is taken in by Batman. She's happy with her life. She's strong and has keen insight. But she doesn't notice that she's being watched. Especially when sh...

  • Birds of a Feather: The Return - Young Justice
    32.1K 1.2K 16

    This is my new version of my original Young Justice fanfiction Birds of a Feather! It's the same plot with different twist and better written then my original book. I hope you love it!! --------- "Pain is real, but so is hope"

  • Ask kid flash {open}
    1.7K 134 15

    ARTEMIS CROCK STAY OUT! Yes it's here....ask kid flash! Wally: yes it is! It's about time I get my own ask book, Artemis got hers ages ago! Artemis: it's cause I'm better Wally: no it's not! Anyways I'm sorta busy here Artemis so do you mind! Artemis: pfft whatever I'll be in my room, see ya! Wally: yeah bye babe Ok s...

  • gotham preferences and imagens
    69.6K 1.5K 9

    gotham. a place full of kings , queens, gods and slaves. here's a lil group of stories I'll put together of -oswald cobblepot -edward nygma -jerome v. - and more suggestions are always open

  • Spitfire One-Shots
    39.1K 1.2K 20

    Ok, my little obsession with Young Justice, and Wally, and Artemis, and Spitfire made me do this... I will be writing these small stories about them but will probably create a long story soon, IDK. -Credit for the image I used: Creator of the collage @FernaandaLopez Drawings come from beautiful tumblr users ♥

  • Is It Wally? (Spitfire Young Justice)
    199K 5.8K 32

    Wally and Artemis Are both having a difficult Time with their feelings towards Each other. Will they end up together? Or will they stay enemies?

  • Bat-Family headcanons/imagines/preferences
    218K 7K 36

    A collection of original batfam headcanons, imagines and preferences.

  • Avengers Texts
    2.3M 153K 87

    Ever wondered what the Avengers tell each other when they're not on duty? Whatever the heck this is. Thanks for 1M! Bucks and kisses, CaptainUSA

  • Birds of a Feather - Young Justice
    859K 21K 85

    Highest ranking - #1 in action #1 in Dick Grayson #1 in young justice #1 in birds (I know I laughed too) (Stop roasting me I wrote this in my iPhone note section) Charlotte Wayne was pronounced dead three years ago and the bat family was never the same after. Dick was sure she was the love of his life, his soulmat...

  • Ask Damian
    10.5K 734 22

    Ask Damian anything

  • A Change Of Heart: A Batman And Catwoman Novel
    44.3K 1K 35

    Selina and Bruce have been there for each other since their early teens. Their alto egos have been there for each other too, just not for nearly as long. When Selina is hurt while fighting off bad guys Bruce realizes how much she means to him. Will he pursue these feelings or ignore them? Will Selina's secret break hi...

  • The Best Imagine Avengers Stories
    392K 8.1K 63

    My first Imagine's ever! Welcome to the drama, pain, adventure of tales of hanging out with the avengers. Oh and don't forget about love. I hope you all enjoy and don't forget to comment and vote!

  • Spitfire/Hospitalized AU
    17.1K 625 11

    Artemis has been sent to a court ordered rehab, where she meets some strange people. Robin, the kleptomaniac. Roy the boy with a narcissistic personality disorder. Megan, the schizophrenic. Zatanna, the anorexic. Conner has some serious anger issues. Kaldur battles depression. But what is wrong with Wally West? No one...

  • Can A Bird Trust A Cat? (A Young Justice FanFic)
    326K 12.1K 36

    Vanessa Edwards is your normal, typical 13 year old girl. Well, besides the fact that she has no parents. And that she was specially selected to attend Gotham Academy, one of the most prestigious schools in America, free of charge. Plus, you know, living with Catwoman and all. Set in Season One. And my first story! I...

  • Young justice : You're Not Paranoid [In Edit. Continues Again]
    158K 4.8K 23

    There's been a mystery girl looming behind the scenes and no one knows who she is, but deep down she doesn't know herself. And the Young justice team are going to do what they can to find out, but not without making a few exceptions. Whether this girl is nice or not their not in it for a play date. come in and her st...

  • Living with the Bat (Batman+Catwoman)
    15.2K 341 18

    Catwoman has finally given up her days of crime to be with Bruce Wayne, better known as Batman. The still adjusting couple have much to deal with as the Bat is still a very active member of the Justice League and is almost always on call. I do not own the characters except for my OC, DC Comics own the rest.

  • Spitfire: He's Back
    51.3K 1.7K 28

    [EDITING] Artemis misses Wally and almost loses her mind over it, but after he suddenly comes back she realizes how mad she is. Then a old friend joins the team and completely turns their whole world upside down. Will our beloved Spitfire couple make in the end? Or will Artemis be left broken hearted once again? ~~~ ~...

  • Avengers chatroom
    59.2K 1.9K 39

    *Full Credit goes to 8JustEnjoyLife8* What happens when you put earth's mightiest Hero's (& Villains) in a chatroom? well, the most random thing ever, take a step into the daily random lives our our heros (And Villain's!) that we love and konw so much! (Featuring Skylar, Kyler, Taylor and others from my stories!)