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  • MAH ART BOOK (Old)
    17.9K 941 53

    Dis is my fab art That's all Pls be nice Suggestions are nice Tags are nice Requests too

  • Ask Natsu and Happy || Closed
    58.2K 2.2K 90

    Natsu and Happy Ask Book #2

  • A Forced Marriage- Natsu x Lucy
    199K 7K 23

    Lucy Heartfilia had always been a kindhearted girl who cared and respected everyone she knew. However, she lived a life of poverty and struggled everyday to take care of her old, sick father. Natsu Dragneel's father was officially done with his son's rude attitude. Unlike Lucy, Natsu lived wealthy and rich but was ru...

  • Ask Natsu and Happy || Closed
    657K 19.2K 204

    Natsu and Happy Ask Book #1 Any comments on here will be answered in another Ask Book.

  • Hetalia Crack
    1.2M 50.6K 114

    A collection of random sh*t written by me when its 3 In the morning o-0 [ Rated PG-13 because I will be using foul language XD ]

  • UsUk - Letter and Envelopes
    3.2K 157 6

    Dear Arthur, I may be your every day American but I'm not as bad as you may think! I love riding horseback, did you know I live in Texas? Probably. Also I know you live very far away. I know we barely know each other... And I hope we can get to know each other, But I hope we can become good friends! Please write back ...