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  • Fate's Desire [Sesshomaru x Rin]
    127K 4.3K 39

    Seven years since the ending of Inuyasha The Final Act, ten years since the death of Naraku, a new adventure begins, filled with excitement, love, and new dangers. A Sesshomaru and Rin Love Story. **this story is currently undergoing editing as of 12/26/2019.

  • The Immaculate Billionaire (TBB 3)
    282K 12.2K 34

    Sydney Grey had been through enough for a year. So when she had decided to return home, she had kind of expected to be leg-shackled to her best friend whom she loved as a brother. But everything turned out well. Until her past catches up with her. For Sean Hunt, everything was black and white. Right and wrong. He...

  • The Heartless Billionaire (TBB 2)
    766K 26.3K 34

    Tessa Cole was done with the waiting. She wanted the same happy life her sister was living. So she decided to take a leap only to fall hard and lose. David Miles didn't expect his fling to be there when he had been back from an unsuccessful surgery. For David Miles, there was no room for mistakes and relationships...

  • The Naive Secretary And The Harsh Boss
    544K 14.5K 41

    Twenty-three year old Anastasia "Stacey" Marks starts working as a secretary at Havens Enterprise. She falls for her attractive yet harsh boss, Vincent "Vince" Havens, who is stern, and is easily annoyed by her clumsiness and her naivety. Will he end up falling for her? *** (If...

  • The Mistake Bride (Unrequited Love #2)
    467K 14.6K 20

    An undying love and attention was all Nicole Simons asked of her husband Marcus Simons. Being the mistake bride that she was; she knew that this was not bound to happen. After being trapped in a love-less marriage, Marcus had sworn never to believe his wife after the stunt she pulled on him. Both were engulfed by thei...

  • Accidentally on Purpose • #1
    53.5M 2.2M 70

    Hannah Taylors finally gives in to her desperation and does one of the stupidest things a girl can do to grab her unapproachable long-time crush Jonah Gibbs' attention: spill soda on his white shirt and leave a motherfrigging red blotch on it. Accidentally. On purpose. ▪▪▪ Book #1 of The Purpose universe, can be read...

  • Something's Gotta Give
    1.6M 64.4K 37

    Penny Campbell has been Dr. Samuel Evers's housekeeper for over two years and he is still a mystery to her. She realizes that she has probably done the very thing that she shouldn't have and fallen in love with the polite and standoffish heart surgeon. Sam noticed Penny the moment she was hired by his sister to work i...

  • Love Me True (Love Me Book 2)
    653K 39.9K 35

    Faye Brantley had always done what was expected; she's a good nurse, a responsible sister, and a great friend. She has spent her whole life putting other's needs first, and she has forgotten about her own. When Dr. Silas DeGraff comes to work at the hospital and ends up renting her basement apartment, she realizes jus...

  • To See You
    403K 28.3K 32

    Zelda Abbott had tried to be all things to all people like a good southern girl should. She had given up on her dreams, again and again, to keep the peace for those around her. The one time she did something for herself, tired to break away, things had gone horribly wrong, and her secrets hung heavy around her shoulde...

  • Should Have Not Asked - New Adult Romance (Wattys 2014)
    649K 17.1K 62

    "You were money in my eyes, Damien. Nothing more. How can that be amusing to you?" Angel Mohr sold for a staggering price! Not that she has any experience in that department. Princeton University straight-A student, Angel Mohr has her back against the wall. In between her dad's sky-high hospital bills, her pricey un...

  • What Vincent Wants | ✔️
    32.1M 68.3K 3

    (STERLING SERIES # 1 - Daphne Dennings thought she could finally tick off "Have sex with a random stranger" on her bucket list. She realized the next morning that it wasn't a one-night stand after all. After meeting that cute guy on the top deck of her cousin's yacht wedding reception at Saint Tropez, Daphne wishes s...

  • Meeting Mr. Mogul (Book 1 of Mr. Mogul series)
    17.4M 118K 16

    SAMPLE ONLY! CHAPTER TAKEN DOWN ON JUNE 29, 2020. BOOK RELEASE ON JULY 19, 2020. AVAILABLE ON AMAZON AND KINDLE. ~ "I've never been ignored in my life. You're seriously testing my temper," he said with his jaw clenched. I sat there immobile, keeping my face as impassive as I could. "You were the one who started asking...

    1.8M 72.6K 55

    The crash of a Dallas-bound jet wasn't just a tragedy to TV reporter Avery Daniels; it was an act of fate that handed her a golden opportunity to further her career. Mistaken for a glamorous, selfish woman named Carole Rutledge, the badly injured Avery would find that plastic surgery had given her Carole's face, the f...

  • Bitterly Sweetly
    307K 13.4K 54

    ~ Past separated them, now pain will bring them together.~ A teenager Sofia Hayden, experiencing her falling apart family isolated herself slowly from everything that she held dear, especially from her best friend Max Wilder who had just realized his love for her. It delivered Max the kind of grief that changed him ra...

  • Rain Again (Completed)
    5.7M 196K 40

    Highest Ranking on hotlist : #1 Her confusion multiplied looking at the raw anger in his eyes, the seriousness and finality in his features. 'I seriously am clueless here, Alex. What is it that I've done?' 'This.' Alex threw some photos in Kate's face. Feeling shocked at Alex's behavior Kate snapped her face back as...

  • An Unpracticed Heart
    310K 18K 20

    Charlotte Claridge lives a life dictated by her stepmother's whims. Sent to live with one family member after another, she finally arrives in Scotland, on the doorstep of a crumbling estate abandoned by its owner. With her aunt, she spends her days mending curtains and peeling potatoes, a quiet existence that changes...

  • Out Of Bounds
    2.2M 84.3K 39

    Former ballet dancer, Mia Gallagher, did not expect to end up dancing for money in order to graduate from University. At night, she called herself Lana; she dolled up with lace and coated her face with makeup and glitter to disguise her disgrace. However, she did not expect a mysterious man to become her only recurren...

    Completed   Mature
  • Noah (5th Street series)
    5.1M 172K 46

    Veronica Cruz has been through hell and back. After disconnecting with the world two years ago to be at the side of her dying mother, she's left alone, unemployed, overweight, and feeling a decade older than her twenty-eight years. When her best friend coaxes her into joining the local gym to ditch her depression and...

    Completed   Mature
  • Scribbler
    614K 19.5K 26

    There is a reason why a mysterious, handsome man and a crazy, little girl suddenly appears in Helaena's doorsteps: she needs to stay alive. She is told she is the only one who can write the prophecy for the three worlds, one of which is the the only one she ever knew exists. Helaena finds it hard to believe, but when...

  • The Perfect Lie
    2.5M 82.4K 35

    One perfect lie to make her problem go away. One man to make it all happen. One crazy family to make it difficult. One group of crazier friends for backup in case she needs grenades, knives, heels, dresses, and a great deal of attitude. Now, what would Chanty do?

  • Loving Seasons
    951K 27.5K 44

    Ice, Sam, Vince and Lily Seasons are cousins. Everybody at school sees them as normal as any teenagers at school can be. But the Seasonses have a secret. They are half-human, half-nature. Ice is the son of Winter, Sam of Summer, Vince of Autumn and Lily the daughter of Spring. Loving Seasons is a four-part story that...

  • His Lovely Ward
    4.1M 107K 29

    Angelica Dalton never took up running and she doesn't like it when she has to run on high heels to save her life. She hates it when her dress gets ruined after getting kidnapped. But she just has to deal with it if she wants to stay alive. And she has to deal with Henry Bell, the man who calls himself her guardian and...

  • The Time Capsule
    2.7M 74.4K 41

    Stephanie Sy never expected that her curiosity towards her estranged grandma will lead her to a series of bizarre--most of them silly--misadventures. Prompted by the dead woman's diary and accompanied by the annoying but charming Erik, what can she find in this quirky journey of self-discovery and love? *** Bratty, ci...

  • The Plan
    1.4M 59.9K 31

    1996 is the year when it all began. One man ordered to take everything she cherished. A few others collaborated. Now, fifteen years later, she's out hunting for every one of them. And no one can stop her.

  • The Transient Wife
    12.5M 285K 34

    One drunken day, Cassandra gets the proposal she can never refuse from the arrogant Philip Strindberg. Thrown into a marriage she never wanted in the first place, Cassandra will struggle on how to maintain her carefree attitude while trying to keep her cool whenever she is around her husband. Pranks, adventure, chores...

  • She Said I Do (But She Don't) ✔
    363K 15.1K 24

    #99 Romance [20/12/2016] An independent woman proposes an open marriage to her deceased brother's best friend to help pay his company's debt with the money her brother left her in his will as a 'wedding gift'. * * * * * * * * "Let me help you, Owen." Alice swivelled on the desktop to be sit...

  • Are We Partners? | ✓
    82.7K 4K 59

    *** Wattpad Featured Story *** Liam Hopkins and Elizabeth Clark have been partners for a long time. So when an eccentric client contacts them to rob an amethyst necklace that belonged to Catherine the Great, they don't hesitate and take the offer. But what was supposed to be a quick and easy job turns out to be a life...

  • A Proscriptive Relationship
    50.1M 636K 71

    Holly's new, young teacher has a dark past, and a dangerous future. She soon finds herself charmed by his ways, and gets thrown into the chaos. Who knew having an ex-gangster for a teacher could be so troublesome? As Holly and Mr. Heywood grow closer, more questions about his past come upon Holly, as does danger. What...

  • The Love Clause | ✓
    49.2K 2.2K 16

    Alia Nazario is Mr. Henderson's secretary and she thinks she's, well... lucky. Her boss is a real gentleman. He's never chatted her up or made those crappy jokes she used to hear from previous superiors. Mr. Henderson never showed anything but kindness and respect towards Alia. Until he asked her to be his girlfriend...

  • Crossing Paths
    239K 10.5K 24

    “There are always two choices. Two paths to take. One is easy. And its only reward is that it's easy.” Jade was only 18 years old when her boyfriend cheated on her. After being so irrevocably hurt, she decided it’s better to stay single. Six years later, the unexpected happens and Sedric Miller suddenly returns to her...

    Completed   Mature