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    [ BOOK TWO ] ❝I have a monster--this dark thing--sleeping within me; feeding on my pain and sorrow. Its malicious intentions clawing and shredding until my soul is damned into oblivion.❞ Carter thought things couldn't get any worse after Jackson Whittemore turned into a Kanima, or when her uncle literally rose f...

    244K 7K 15

    [ BOOK ONE ] ❝And that is where you and I have always differed, big bro. There is no getting over what I did-ever.❞ Carter Hale, youngest sister of Derek Hale, was once a free spirited, innocent, and worry free child. That was, until an Argent brutally murdered her family; trapping them inside before setti...

  • The Other Stella ➳ Stiles Stilinski [3]
    488K 15.4K 53

    USE TO BE NAMED "Revival" When a couple has to face the world together Cover by idkmstiles Itsselenastiles owns Stella Argent

    Completed   Mature
  • The Other Hale ➳ Stiles Stilinski [2]
    619K 16.8K 31

    A huntress who is trying to get use to as a werewolf Cover by idkmstiles Itsselenastiles owns Stella Argent

  • The Other Argent ➵ Stiles Stilinski [1]
    1.8M 55K 54

    "We all go a little mad sometimes." [#9 IN "TEEN WOLF"] Cover by idkmstiles Itsselenastiles owns Stella Argent

    Completed   Mature
  • Unspoken ▹ Teen Wolf [01]
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    ❝Contrary to the popular belief, there's a very thin & fragile line between saying too much, and saying too little. More often than not, you'll find yourself unable to balance on that line & tipping to one side or the other, before inevitable falling. Whether or not there will be something there to catch you, that dep...

    1.2M 39.5K 30

    ❝ I hate it. I hate not remembering. I want to. I want to remember what it was like to have something, someone! ❞ ❝ You do. You have me. ❞ Indigo has woken up on an abandoned road in the town of Beacon Hills, a place of misfit werewolves and other supernaturals. When Scott McCall offers his aid and friendshi...

  • Can't Go Back » Stilinski [01]
    180K 4.4K 14

    They lost a hunter, but more importantly, they lost a friend. Allison Argent was vital, a best friend, a lover, a fighter and now one of the casualties of the most dangerous war they've ever encountered. Now, the pack rises from the ashes and gain a few allies--and enemies--along the way. New species, new faces and ne...

  • Desperate Measures (Teen Wolf) [UNDER CONSTRUCTION]
    752K 18.5K 39

    Ellie McCall planned on having a normal sophomore year in high school. She had her twin brother, Scott, and her best friend, Stiles, to help make this year amazing. Everything changed when Scott was bitten by a werewolf. The three of their lives do a complete one eighty. Ellie didn't expect herself to be worrying abo...

  • weightless / teen wolf
    418K 17K 32

    "I like to come out here when I feel heavy with a conflict in my life" "floating through the water like that, giving up control and letting the waves control where you go, has a way of calming you." "It feels like you're letting the sea take your troubles from you for a little while, like you become...

  • Give Me Love > Teen Wolf
    323K 14.2K 39

    (Third book in the Give Me series) With the constant reminder of killing an innocent, Chloe Lahey is wanting to get back to school and, hopefully, live a somewhat normal life again. However, living in Beacon Hills makes that simple request nearly impossible, thanks to the town literally becoming a beacon for the super...

  • Hibrideach (Book Three *Teen Wolf*)
    37K 1.4K 14

    Four weeks doesn't seem like much time but that's to people who don't know about the much darker supernatural world around them. For Charlie, four weeks is enough time for everything to change. She spends four weeks chasing her mother around most of Europe but just as she finds her, a danger close to her heart pulls h...

  • Banshee (Teen Wolf FanFiction: Derek Hale)
    329K 9.1K 22

    After waking from a nightmare screaming, Charlie Kavanagh leaves her life in Arizona behind so she can move to the smaller town of Beacon Hills. Here she discovers secrets about the town, it's inhabitants, and even about herself. Set at the beginning of season two and onward.

  • Ghost ↬ Derek Hale
    1.4M 42.3K 42

    "I'm searching for something that I can't reach." ↬ Lily Stilinski's biggest problems in life used to be easily defined: figuring out how to get her friends to be civil towards one another, not missing the delivery time for her next collectable and finding out how to convince people that - yes, she does have a collect...

  • Becoming The Shadows (Shadow Series #4)
    171K 9.4K 33

    Fourth book to the Shadow series. "Here's the thing, when you wake up, you won't really remember any of this. I mean, you'll remember dying, but this memory of me will be faint. You'll be alive again, Clara, but things won't be the same. You won't be the same. You'll still have all of the same memories, but you'll ne...

  • Out of The Shadows (Shadow Series #3)
    218K 9.6K 20

    (The third book to In The Shadows) Clara Argent has returned back to Beacon Hills after being gone for half a year. She's here for one reason and one reason only, to protect everyone and her friends from the supernatural. Clara knows all about what has happened since she has been gone. As much as Clara would like to k...

  • The Shadows Within 》Teen Wolf (Shadow Series #2)
    294K 11K 20

    (Sequel to In The Shadows) After the traumatizing events that happen to be casual in the Argent family, Clara is faced with the unsettling disapproval from her kinsfolk. With handy wolf man Derek Hale on her side, facing the new creature of the town can't seem to hard, despite the raging war at home. ...

  • In The Shadows (Teen Wolf) (Shadow Series #1)
    799K 25.6K 30

    All my life I've moved from one town to another, leaving all of the friends I make behind. I've said the words, "Hi, I'm Clara Argent." one too many times. After a while, I've learned not to become attached to anyone when I transfer to a new school. Everything hurts too much when I leave. My twin sister, Allison, and...

  • Scott's Mate (Scott McCall)
    742K 14.9K 28

    'You Must Realize, Danger Is Very Real, But Fear... Fear Is A Choice' * Ariana Pierce just moved from London to Beacon Hills. Yes, she may be a bad ass, crazy, sexy, female Alpha but she isn't invincible. She ends up getting thrown into more supernatural drama in Beacon Hills. Shocking secrets will be revealed. But t...

    Completed   Mature
  • Pretty Reckless » Derek Hale [1]
    1M 25.1K 22

    [COMPLETED/EDITING] ❝It was my fault for caring. I've made a habit of never doing that again.❞ All teenagers dealt with first-world problems that seemed apocalyptic. Those problems went from asking out your high school crush or picking the perfect prom dress for your Cinderella night. For Clara Lennon, all those pr...

  • Because I Love You || Scott McCall/Teen Wolf FF {DISCONTINUED}
    163K 4.2K 20

    THIS 👏🏻 BOOK 👏🏻 IS 👏🏻 SHIT 👏🏻 Mason Hale, Peter Hales human daughter. Looks nothing like her father, but exactly like her mother. Has her fathers survival instincts and sarcasm. Mason was 10 years old when her family burnt alive leaving only her, her father, her cousin Derek, and her other cousin Laura alive...

  • Eye of the Hurricane ▸ Scott McCall (2)
    743K 24.5K 43

    Ella Foster wasn't human, and she certainly refused to be a pawn. But there was still a lot for a girl like her to learn. (e. foster | book two) (tw | season three) (cover by amanda)

  • Before the Storm ▸ Scott McCall (1)
    814K 24.1K 20

    Ella Foster wasn't one to believe in the supernatural. Little did she know that her unbecoming was a long time coming. (e. foster | book one) (tw | season two) (cover by amanda)

  • Give Me Strength 》 Teen Wolf
    584K 17.8K 26

    When faced with a deranged group of Alphas, extreme decisions to make, and even tougher choices to face, Chloe Lahey does her best. But, sometimes, her best isn't always the greatest. Getting stronger, and impossibly smarter, Chloe learns to deal with the nearly unbearable conditions. Can Chloe handle the choices...

  • Give Me Hope [Teen Wolf] (Wattys2014)
    697K 23.7K 25

    Isaac and Chloe Lahey have had pain and misery served to them on a dingy plate since they were young and throughout time it's simply gotten worse. Isaac does everything he can to protect his sister, but is it enough? Will an unhinged night at work possibly be the only answer to safety, even if it shoves the siblings...

  • Becoming The Vixen (Teen Wolf)
    402K 14.4K 26

    Scott's pack has taken a hard fall. Isaac left with Mr. Argent after the death of Allison to go to France. No one has heard from Ethan after the death of his twin. Derek has been gone for two months and hasn't returned any of Arden's calls. Stiles has been helping his girlfriend, Malia Tate, work on controlling her wi...

  • Playing the Vixen 》Teen Wolf
    380K 12.6K 17

    Beacon Hills, California is known through out the supernatural world. That's why Arden finds herself drawn to the small town. She packs up her things and says goodbye to her work-alcoholic mother to move in with her dad. Arden doesn't have to worry saying goodbye to any friends because her mom always thought i...

  • Clairvoyant || Stilinski [1]
    1.4M 57.1K 81

    When Stiles' trusty Jeep falters on him, the sarcastic boy is caught in a drifting state and only one person can see him. Jacy, a whisperer of sorts, has dealt with plenty of ghosts, but Stiles is a different case entirely. She has to put Stiles back in his body before it's too late and hopefully survive something cal...

  • Wild Fire (Teen Wolf)
    100K 2.7K 33

    "She is Beautiful but she's Beautiful in the way a Forest Fire is Beautiful. Something to be admired in the distance... not up close" -Kira London ******** (Sequel to We Must Be Killers) Wolves and Foxes don't mix. Everyone knows that. There is never a dull moment in this town, Derek had told me. I didn't believ...