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  • A Ton Of Short 2doc Fanfics
    44.7K 1.5K 11

    Literally a TON of AU's and head canons and...yeah. Just a ton of fanfic

  • The New Me • 2D x Murdoc
    47.1K 1.3K 13

    2D and Murdoc havent seen each other since 2012. Their relationship has changed likewise themselves. (originally called changed man) - note: this is a disgustingly cringe book i wrote about 4 years ago. read with caution. also, thanks for all the support! Highest in: Fanfiction - #650 Cringe - #111

  • Living With The Alternates «Danti And Septiplier?»
    76.5K 2.7K 24

    Darkiplier And Anti Septic, The Opposites Of JackSepticEye And Markiplier, Decide To Move In With Them! The Two May Cause A Little Bit Of Trouble, But It's Mostly Fun Trouble! «Smut Warning!»

  • Shower Time Tino *Hetalia one shot*
    44.9K 863 11

    Idea:What happens when Tino interupts Sverige's shower? Be prepared to find out. Rated M at the most. Smut; Yaoi *Boyxboy*; Sufin; Sweden; Finland; Lemon; aph; Hetalia; Drama Cds; *fangirl's eratic screams* ****UPDATE*** Okay, this was originally for Sufin only but now I'm thinking of adding more. So haha just be prep...

  • Cliché (An Adventure Time Fanfic) (Gumball x Marshall Lee)
    40.5K 1.3K 13

    All the clichés you see on television aren't real. The guy never gets the girl, there's no happy ending, there's nothing. No perfect dates, no perfect first kiss, and no perfect person, because perfection doesn't exist. This is what Marshall thinks his life is going to be until the day he either dies, or manages to...

  • One Bullet (Gorillaz fanfic) (2D x Murdoc)
    34.3K 1.4K 11

    What will 2D do when Murdoc finally admits to him about his thoughts. His thoughts of love, life, and death. And his thoughts of suicide. How will Stuart react?

    Completed   Mature
  • Pewdiecry One-Shot
    823 12 1

    I don't even know.....

  • Forever bormance
    4.3K 186 11

    What happens when Felix falls in love with Ryan? Why happens when Ryan falls I love with Felix? One drunk night started it all, after a long night fill with love making Felix woe next to cry and never looked back. They are now in Sweden living in Felix's old apartment. But when happens when they get a few unexpected...

  • Dreams: JeffxBen
    60.8K 1.6K 31

    Jeff keeps having weird dreams. Will they come true?

  • Killer (phan) (completed with a sequel out now ^.^)
    302K 15.1K 36

    HI!!!! so if you happen to read this, it means you're amazing (; so I don't think there's any trigger warning except for action, guns, weapons, and language, plus some eventual sex (if I don't be a pussy and put it off :p) ~~ Phil loves his best friend more than anything. Not only as a friend, but he has a lot of feel...

  • Highschool Sweetheart (( Benxjeff ))
    1.9K 68 2

    A highschool AU of creepypasta's Ben drowned and Jeff the killer. (( may involve smut later on ))

  • The smile I fell in love with (Jeff x Ben yaoi)
    661 19 1

    A new recruit to the Slender Army and also in the family.Jeff meets the sweet little Kokiri for the first time and falls head over tails for the little guy.Ben feels the same for Jeff but will there love get in the way of battle or turn into the night of their dreams? (Warning:story contains boyxboy and a lot of Pervy...

  • Loving Hell • Danti - Darkiplier x Antisepticeye (BoyxBoy)
    111K 1.4K 11

    "Loving Hell" • Darkiplier x Antisepticeye @GayFanboyTrash ---- ||| COMPLETE ||| A short-ish story about Dark and Anti accidentally falling in love with each other after an accident that happens at Jack's house when Mark is visiting him.

    Completed   Mature
  • My Irish Furrball{Septiplier}
    52.3K 1.6K 17

    (This is my first story and I've never written one before but I've been thinking about this and I hope it's good, I'll try and explain this as best as I can) This is a Universe where people have their own Nekos and Irus (Cat/Dog/Hoomans) Mark, a stray Iru. And Jack, a Neko treated as if were royal. What happens when t...

  • Two Teachers One Classroom (Boy x Boy)
    59.2K 1.7K 9

    Two teachers teaching one classroom. What could possibly go wrong? Spideypool AU. Can be read with little knowledge of Spiderman and Deadpool.

  • My Spider (Deadpool X Spiderman)
    1K 19 1

    I ship this couple so I wanted to write a story about it.

    216 7 4

    "Hey Colossus!" Deadpool asked him. "What Deadpool?" Colossus replied. "What do you call an awesome superhero that can't die?!" DEADPOOL excitedly shouted. "Wolverine..." Colossus responded. Deadpool angrily squinted at Colossus. "NO! ME YOU IGNORANT PIECE OF SCRAP METAL!!" Deadpool stood on his tippy ties and screame...

  • Deadpool + Spiderman - Texts
    2.5K 70 7

    Wade Wilson joins after his girlfriend dies. He meets Peter Parker. 'thedeadswimmingpool💦💀' is typing...

  • Science Love [SEPTIPLIER]
    7.7K 325 19

    Mark is a robot created to test things. But one day he got a project that was a mermen. And he fell in love with him. Smut included. Please read

  • ❤SeptiplierPictures
    8.8K 331 27

    This is book of pictures of both Markiplier and Jacksepticeye and some pictures of them together hope you like them!!!! P.s Alot of swearing in here so if you dont like swearing beware and read at your own risk, enjoy!

  • Kong has Gone Wrong
    19.2K 692 11

    So I'm just gonna say I'm a gay perv,because that's what I am. Anyways,This is a Gorillaz fanfic,I'm into them so much and sence Anime and Creepypasta got me all fucked up with the Yaoi and the gays it got meh writing this. So yeah,this is my first Gorillaz fanfic,and I hope you like it. So basically 2D likes Murdoc,M...

  • Everything About You (2Doc twoshot)
    2.3K 101 2


  • Studoc One-Shots
    2K 54 2

    Just a whole bunch of Studoc one shots! This is my first story so please enjoy! :) I don't own any of these characters! Thanks!