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  • The Mune City
    150 7 4

    Thomas, and his friends who are still alive, have escaped being WICKED's lab rats. Finally free to roam Earth as they please- since it basically belongs to them now- and start a new civilization of immunes. Gally had joined them, and was still with them after WICKED's lab had been exploded by the Right Arm. Now their...

  • the girl from wicked
    1.1K 31 31

    cinder wakes up in a box later on to know she is in a maze and is the only girl a month later a new Greene named Teresa and she is fighting for Thomas . Gally and Thomas are fighting over her and she has to chose and a boy named Cameron comes up in the box to protect cinder.

    Completed   Mature
  • To Run with the Grievers (Rewriting)
    78.6K 2.6K 18

    What would you do if you awoke to find yourself spiraling down a twisted path full of forgotten memories? Perhaps you would search for the life that you once lived. Or maybe you'd try to rewrite those memories, differently. But what happens when you awake to find yourself spiraling down a twisted path full of forgotte...

  • Girl In The Glade (TMR)
    49.3K 1.9K 25

    Drew is the first girl to be sent into the Glade. And things are just about to get interesting. Disclaimer: All rights to James Dashner. (Also, Thomas is on the front cover but no, he is not the girl in the glade :)) #HaveMercyOnMySuckyWriting

  • Trenda~Aftermath
    4.4K 103 5

    after the death cure: Thomas and Brenda's relationship molds along with a new civilization.

  • In Paradise (A Maze Runner Story)
    9.6K 373 16

    It's been a few months since "The Death Cure" has taken place, and Thomas, Minho, Brenda, and the rest of the survivors are still in "Paradise". Will they discover more of the secrets which lie behind the the Flare virus? And will Minho ever discover what really happened to Newt? (Sorry...this is my first story, but I...

  • The Aftermath ≫ after TDC
    2.6K 77 5

    This story takes place after the death cure. It's about the struggles Thomas now goes through, the guilt of what happened to his friends, nightmares, & love. I'm sorry I'm terrible at descriptions haha, just read it !

  • No Distractions {Rewriting#
    56.8K 1.9K 38

    Teresa Agnes is 17 years old. She just moved to Boston to live with her father. She's starting school in WCKD high. She just wants to learn, graduate and make friends, nothing else. But when she bumps into a boy with chocolate brown eyes and brown ruffled hair, Teresa's plan didn't exactly work. High School AU

  • The New Beginning (Maze Runner Fanfic)
    2K 24 8

    "There are over two hundred of us and we're all immune. It'll be a good start." "What's that supposed to mean?" "Nothing. Nothing at all." --- Life has been great but hard for Thomas and the others. New beginning, new life for everyone. But what happen when there's another group of survivors? A group led by a teenage...

  • IN ~ A Maze Runner Sequel
    24.7K 847 28

    Into the Scorch

  • AWAY ~ A Maze Runner Sequel
    19.4K 677 43

    Away from WICKED

  • OUT ~ Maze Runner Fanfiction
    129K 3.8K 40

  • Hidden Mysteries
    8.2K 240 24

    My name is Teresa Agnes. I'm 18 years old. My best friend hates me. And I'll never see him again. My name is Thomas. I'm 16 years old. My best friends are dead. If I'm in paradise, why am I not safe? This story takes place after the Death Cure. But here's the catch. Teresa was never killed. She was only believe...

  • After The Trials
    5.4K 168 11

    After WCKD was blown up, after all the suffering, Thomas, Minho, Brenda, and all the rest of the survivors try to manage their new life with no maze, and no trials.

  • I Never Noticed That You Noticed Me
    26.9K 1.4K 31

    Teresa and Brenda are the only girls in a private school for boys of The Government. Brenda is the girl who every boy wants but she's failing every class. Teresa is the girl who nobody notices and has all +A on her classes. Thomas is the popular boy who Brenda wants and has A's on all his classes. Teresa always th...

  • After the Death Cure(The Maze Runner)
    14.8K 237 12

    When they thought they were finally safe, a berg appears and changes the lives of the Gladers completely. Unexpected events happen which makes the Gladers rethink everything which they knew. Has my life been a lie this whole time? Are they really dead? How many people will die just for me? How long can I surviv...

  • The Maze Runner// Thomas Fanfiction
    2K 41 9

    (I'm guessing you guys already know about the Glade and Maze and everything...) Somehow Teresa never showed up to the Glade. So WICKED, sent up a different girl. Alex. What happens when this strong girl is the only Glader who can remember her past? (I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THESE CHARACTERS EXCEPT ASHELY AND ANOTHER ONE...

  • Dry Tears (After The Death Cure)
    14.1K 573 28

    ***DISCLAIMER*** This was written two years BEFORE "The Fever Code" was published. Even though the sky was rarely grey in Paradise, the appearance of a mysterious - yet familiar - girl made the Gladers feel the clouds taking over. Specially for the girl, that other than being one of Group B's previous leaders, was t...

  • The Best of Us - After the Death Cure
    4.1K 195 12

    Only a few hundred of them survived. They were pushed away without looking back at the only life they had ever known. Into a place they called Paradise. They were given only one rule; reproduce. And then all contact they had with the outside world was cut off. Thomas was finally starting to smile again. After losing...

  • Trenda • The Maze Runner
    46.2K 897 23

    What happened after Thomas and Brenda made it to paradise? {takes place after The Death Cure} SPOILERS!!!!!

  • Thomas+Teresa
    5.5K 197 13

    With Thomas gone, Teresa was the next best candidate; what if she was alive? Post Death Cure Thomesa fanfiction.

  • Trenda: After The Maze
    23.7K 765 32

    Thomas and Brenda have escaped the clutches of WICKED and are beginning their new life with the other Gladers. But with an old friend coming back and seeming more and more like an enemy every day can Thomas and Brenda make it through? Or will they become history.

  • The Paradise Cove - What happened after The Death Cure (ON HOLD)
    10.5K 393 34

    *Set after TDC* •spoilers• After the Gladers walked through the flat trans into paradise, things start unraveling. Tommy finds out who his family is. The deaths of characters were not real. WICKED has The Maze up and running again. What will happen when Thomas and re others go back into the maze?

  • Life After The Death Cure
    6.1K 177 23

    My version of what happens after The Death Cure! warning: I'm a lazy author and don't update often, also story may cause feels