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  • My Neighbor's TV (girlxgirl)
    2M 68.9K 25

    Cam spends most of her time at home, her days are dull, her life is not going anywhere and she's trapped in her total indifference towards the world. That is until her new neighbor comes knocking on her front door and slowly becomes the only distraction in Cam's mind.

  • Maverick and Her Ways (GirlxGirl)
    1M 46.9K 57

    A Catholic school, a best friend with two boyfriends, and a new girl who wore inappropriate clothing. Maverick Bridge only wanted to concentrate on her studies, but was forced to resolve conflicts that she did not start. In the process of resolving, Maverick questions her role in life, her beliefs, and questions herse...

  • Little Red Riding Hoodie
    57.3K 3.1K 5

    17 year old Scarlet Redmond has a secret, and that secret is the beautiful, smart, goody-goody popular girl Jacqueline Hunter. Living in Deep Wood, a rural farming town in Idaho that hasn't changed much since the 1800s, Scarlet has to keep her relationship with Hunter a secret lest they fall prey to the homophobic bul...

  • The Silent Sorrow (GirlxGirl)
    630K 3.6K 5

    17 Year old Jamie Allen is starting a new school. Where she struggle every day to find her classes, but one day. Dandy, the girl, Jamie's cousin warns her to stay away from, helps her. Dandy is staring at her, intently with her sad and cold eyes. Jamie is grateful for her help, but also notice that she do not speak...

  • Jungle (GxG)(Lesbian Story)
    882K 38.3K 36

    Maxim "The Nox" Nightingale, also known as Noxious is a competitive, untroubled and energetic fighter of the Ultimate Fighting Championship(UFC). Since her debut, just a year ago, she has shown all of her competitors and watchers of the UFC why she is one the best mixed martial arts fighters in the country of America...

    Completed   Mature
  • Dibs! (Lesbian, GxG)
    581K 24.9K 38

    Before Jules interrupted Callie's lunch hour with a (not so subtle) "Dibs!", Callie was a quiet girl whose only priorities are good grades and better talent with playing her prized violin. Neither require having a girlfriend, especially the one who everyone at school assumes is a hard-core drug addict, judging from ho...

  • Kissing Olivia Winchester (Girlxgirl)(SAMPLE) (PUBLISHED)
    4.3M 83.9K 24

    Josephine was the daughter to a rich doctor father and trophy wife. She wasn't a socialite like her sister Gwen, she was just shy plain old Josephine. She was the pariah of high society. When her mother sticks her with the job of managing a kissing booth at a stuck up charity event, one kiss from beautiful and popular...

  • *SAMPLE* Shoot & Run [GirlxGirl]
    786K 5.8K 6

    "You think The Agency is saving this nation? Think again." For Max, The Agency is all she has ever known. Hunting terrorists, protecting the city, serving the flag. But when she meets Iris, a supposed terrorist she was sent to kill, she learns of a dark secret which will change everything she has ever believed in, and...

    Completed   Mature
  • Even Our Angels Looked Surprised
    42.5K 511 14

    Ashlyn Harris and Ali Krieger both find themselves in College Station, TX for the 2005 NCAA championship game. Unaware of what it will lead to. Feel free to share this story if you enjoy it! (Not my story. Originally written by: @sportywordynerd on Tumblr).

    Completed   Mature
  • Girls [ WATTYS 2016 ] ✔️
    4.4M 159K 35

    [ Featured on Wattpad's Official LGBT+ account! ] Ashley James has tried to hide in the closet for months when she mistakingly kissed her best friend at a party - and the worst thing is, both were sober and one had a boyfriend. She lost several things that night: a $20 bill, a pack of sour patch kids, and her best fr...

  • Souvenirs
    12K 150 8

  • Can this be?
    277K 5.2K 61

    Alex Morgan is basking ridge high schools new vice principal. Tobin Heath, is the rebellious bad-ass who has been known to sleep around with any girl she could get. Tobin and Alex hit it off together but people from Tobins horrible past come back and try to ruin the relationship between the two of them. Will Tobin ac...

  • Chasing Miss Conner •OLD VERSION•
    1.5M 47K 43

    •GirlxGirl• |I want to wake each morning in your arms comforted by your oddity seduced by your knowledge of my ways and I want you to crack my heart of glass| "Miss Conner?" I was surprised. I hadn't seen her since last week and figured I never would again given the stunt I had pulled. She looked up and started to w...

    Completed   Mature
  • P.S. I hate you! (lesbian story)
    5.2M 109K 22

    Isabelle Parrier seemingly has everything, she is beautiful, has handsome boyfriend and is the most popular girl in her high school. But she is also cold and conniving, and does everything she wants. Everyone in her school is trying not to get on her bad side, because she has ways of destroying people through her vici...

    Completed   Mature
  • Baby, It's Cold Outside
    435 9 1

    They're timid about their budding relationship. It's the week of Christmas, and her flight back to California leaves early the next morning. But Tobin's relentless, insisting that she not leave her tonight. Because, baby, it's cold outside.

  • Young & Dumb (Lesbian Story) (GirlxGirl)
    1.2M 39.7K 24

    Journey Foster is an eighteen year old girl who is the the captain of her high school soccer team. Being a senior, and one of the best soccer players her school has ever had, she tends to be a bit more popular. Most know her name, guys, and now girls since she came out about her sexuality, indulge in her looks. Even...

    Completed   Mature
  • What A Rush
    306K 5.6K 45

    Abby Wambach gets hurt in a game and might not be able to continue playing. So Jill brings in a new recruit. Her name is Emily Rush, and all of the girls know her as the crazy talented forward from the U-22 national team. Emily is brought in to help the team win the World Cup. As this new girl changes the fate of the...

  • Forever...and always.
    61.4K 1.2K 16

    Two soccer players lost in the world. What happens when they meet?

    Completed   Mature
  • Assisting Miss Adams (GirlXGirl) OLD VERSION
    14M 315K 75

    ~TeacherXStudent/ GirlXGirl~ Sam never had an easy life, and as she battles with the memories of her dysfunctional past she also has to battle the sexual tension she has for her hot History teacher, Miss Adams. When her older brother brings home a familiar pretty face, Sam's life turns completely upside down as strugg...

    Completed   Mature
  • Tea For Two
    871K 28.1K 43

    "Just wondering, Shoemaker. Are you going to tell your parents? Or should I?" When I was little, I was terribly afraid of heights. One day, in a bleak attempt to rid me of this, my father climbed onto the roof of our one story house with me on his back. I may have been hyperventilating, but otherwise I was doing well...

  • From Strangers to Lovers
    4.9K 111 3

    Tobin tranfers to Alex's highschool and the two hit it off immediately.

    Completed   Mature
  • More Than Meets The Eye
    128K 2.5K 21

    Is winning a bet worth losing the only person who has ever taken the time to know the real you? Talex (Tobin Heath/Alex Morgan)

    Completed   Mature
  • My Best Friends Promise
    62.8K 1.5K 33

    An Alex Morgan and Tobin Heath friendship fanfic.

  • More than best friends?
    99.3K 2.2K 21

    Are you willing to risk your happiness for the future of the one you love?

    Completed   Mature
  • Jersey (Lesbian Story)(GirlxGirl)
    2M 63.8K 45

    Zen "Jersey" Sinatra is an outspoken, wild, and spontaneous individual. She talks a bunch of shit, and has a pack of friends to back it up for her. Zen is one of the biggest tattoo artists in Los Angeles. She owns her own tattoo shop that never has a slow day. Most would say that Zen is living the life. She lives in a...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Hunter's Mate
    21.8M 760K 66

    Highest Ranking #1 Werewolf. She's a hunter. She's the strongest of all the strongest. She can kill you with her bare hands. She's well known yet at the same time unknown. She's still seventeen yet she can scare a group of grown man. She's disguised as mute so no one can acknowledge her presence. She's Satan's Assass...

  • Finally Found Her (Completed)
    1.4M 42.5K 30

    Ryder is in his senior year of high school . He was about to give up on finding his mate when he finally found her. Jasmine is new in town and when she meets a certain someone, suddenly her heart feels at home. ~ Completed in 2015. This is the first piece of writing I've ever written. It's safe to say when I go back...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Hot CEO. ~ Justin Bieber
    7.6M 150K 78

    Copyright © 2014, Brunoshooliganx Justin Bieber. Hot young CEO of Multi-million dollar company Bieber Enterprises. Eleanor Lopez. Young journalist working at Grayson Global as an intern. Eleanor gets assigned to do an interview with the CEO by her mean boss who sets her up to fail, knowing Justin Bieber doesn't have...

    Completed   Mature
  • Luna? No sir i'm a Marine
    10.9M 343K 63

    They say i'm the Beauty and he's the Beast, but my life is far from a fairy tale. I thought I had everything figured out, I thought I knew what was real and what was fantasy but this trip has been anything but normal. ------- "You've dragged me to hell and back but I would do it again if I get to call you mine. We're...

  • A Bad Boy Stole My Bra- SAMPLE
    104M 2.6M 44

    A BAD BOY STOLE MY BRA is published and no longer available on Wattpad. It is available in multiple languages, including English, French, German, Italian and Indonesian as paperback and e-book internationally. It is also available as an adaptation on the app Episode - 'It Started With a Bra.' This copy has the first 3...