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  • Best Friends (Hayes Grier fanfic)
    9.4M 130K 73

    Mackenzie and hayes have been friends for 3 years, due to Nash & Mackenzie's sister, Hailey, dating. Hayes is dating a girl, Jordan, and slowly pushes Mackenzie aside. Will Mackenzie and Hayes discover feelings for each other? Or will Mackenzie just fall for Hayes?

  • Dirty Magcon Preferences
    742K 6.6K 77

    Preferences for the Magcon and Omaha boys! Dm me or comment if you have ideas!

    Completed   Mature
  • Being a grier! (Nash grier)
    2.7M 52.9K 74

    You could say Bella is a normal 13 year old girl, but if you said that you would be lying! Her name is Bella Grier. NASH GRIERS LITTLE SISTER(; She is twins with Hayes and that is pretty difficult! Living with the Griers may seem fun but it's pretty crazy! Read and find out what's in store for Bella.

  • matthew espinosa dirty imagines
    614K 7.4K 50

    this is a girl named but jackie and really loves the viner matt they live in California and jackie gets a new neighbor who will it be will they become friends or never talk orrrr will they fall in love... I don't know read to find out (my have some umm.. I guess u could say 'PG 13' but who's keeping track on age?)

  • F U C K G I R L; J.G
    2.2M 45.7K 54

    i enjoyed toying with boys making them feel what was once done to me, making them see how life on the other side was. but there was a bump in the road, he took my heart without knowing but we both had bad intentions. he was a fuckboy and i was a fuckgirl. no relationships, we simply couldn't resist the love that bonde...

  • Blue Eyed Bully (Nash Grier Fan Fiction)
    648K 13.5K 54

    This is a story about a girl named Hanna who gets bullied by her ex bestfriend Nash Grier and his friends, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Nash randomly tells her he likes her one day. keep reading to see what happens.

  • Bullied into Death
    2.1K 84 4

    Bullying has caused many deaths in the world, and I still don't understand why people do it. America says they are so open to change, but in reality they're scared of it. They despise it. So many teens are pressured into being embedded into society's perfection, trying to be like everyone else when they were born to s...

  • Sad Magcon Imagines
    21.8K 232 2

    Stories involve depression, self harm, bulimia, attempts of suicide, and suicide. May be triggering, please don't do anything to yourself though. I am always here to talk to. I understand what you are going through, it gets better I promise.

  • Our Little Secret (Jack Gilinsky and Sam Wilkinson)
    470K 7.1K 34

    Lakyn Ellis is just a normal 17 year old girl in Omaha, Nebraska but with over protective parents. When her parents won't let her date anyone her and Jack Gilinsky have to find other ways to see each other. But what will happen if her parents find out?

  • I fell in love with my bully Cameron Dallas
    3.3M 68.3K 40

    Emma has been bullied since middle school by the same person. CAMERON DALLAS. In different events things change and she's starting to put down her walls. Will Cameron hurt her and make her put them back up? Will they be together? Read more to find out

  • Magcon imagines
    5M 52K 119

    Magcon imagines! #26 in fanfiction :)

  • Aftertaste // shawn mendes
    13.2K 697 15

    I'll help you remember me, one more kiss is all it takes I'll leave you with the memory, and the aftertaste

  • Dirty Magcon Imagines
    450K 2.1K 24

    If you're into anything boyxboy regarding Magcon, you've came to the right place! In this story I'll be making smut chapter depending on any of the ships you would desire. If you would like a chapter dedicated to you, just ask! :) Examples: --------------- Cayes Cash Shameron Shatt Shaylor Daylor Sash Jam Jolinsky ...