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  • imagine your icon/otp | @KAMEMENARI
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    ☀ | imagines - KAMEMENARI

  • Alfred (america) secret
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    WARNING Beginner writer!!! HETALIA BELONG TO HIDEKAZ HIMARUYA COVER BELONG TO ORIGINAL OWNER OWN NOTHING EXCEPT FOR PLOT. A story where the end of the story is a new beginning and experience. (should work on description) Trigger warning

  • Left At His Grave: An FMA Oneshot
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    Nobody left Hughes's grave without giving him something.

  • Photographs
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    Roy visits a friend for the first time in a long time and shares his life through multiple photographs

  • (YANDERE) nations X America
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    Pretty much just some yandere nations x america~ Please feel free to request ANY nation x america! Trust me I'll be more then happy too do it! :) I can't see 1p america as a yandere so.. any nation x america rather it be 1p, 2p, nyo, etc~ consider it done.

  • Three Kings and a Queen
    5.9K 287 14

    A ball is held in the Sapphire Kingdom to try to find Princess Amelia a husband. She only wants to be friends with the Emerald and Obsidian Princes, but she knows she must choose. It seems hopeless for her to choose a good match, until the Amethyst Kingdom's prince, Ivan, arrives. The Amethyst kingdom has been shunned...

  • Ask or dare the AU Sans'!
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    Ye, you can ask close to ANY Sans' (the list because I said): -Undertale -Underfell -Underswap -Gaster (not W.D. Gaster but Gaster Sans) -Error

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  • Weeardo0 Art
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    Hello guys!~ This is Weeardo0 and WELCOME to my artbook!! I very RARELY do Digital art, so expect Traditional art! I am NOT a famous artist but I'd like to share this little talent of mine... You can also comment or critic my work!~ That will help me a LOT! So, once again, WELCOME and please, ENJOY!~

  • Alone Together
    8.9K 383 13

    Alfred knew moving was going to be tough, it wasn't like he hadn't moved before. At least, this time he knew someone in town. His cousins have promised to help him and his brother get accustomed to the new town. His parents, on the other hand, just want him to make some friends at his new high school. He may end up do...

  • A Little Magic
    50.8K 1.9K 6

    When a transfiguration spell of England's goes wrong, an over night stay at America's house may turn into a longer visit for the nations. And Russia and America may give some of them a bit of a surprise. A Hetalia Fan-fiction. Cover art does not belong to me.

  • I'm a Hamster now?!
    9K 292 22

    Hi guys I just wanted to say that this is my first book ever and I would just like to say, please don't judge me or type any mean or hateful comments. My grammar is not good but I have a friend who's helping me with that. So I hope you enjoy the story ^-^

  • American Beauty, American Psycho
    24.4K 985 24

    Hetalia Veggie Burger (1p America x 2p America) fanfiction. In this fanfiction the 1ps and 2ps will be existing on the same world, in the same dimension. May be some harder yaoi, I haven't decided yet, because I'm just making this beauty up as I go! Either way, you can't say I didn't warn you! Enjoy. :)

  • I Want To Help You [RusAme]
    376 12 3

    Due to America's severe depression, he's failed at holding a meeting without suddenly crying on the spot. Russia is very worried for his sake. Although Russia is stereotyped to want to kill everyone, he really only wants them to be happy and wants to help the saddened people around him. America thinks he's obnoxious a...

  • Operation Breakthrough (Hetalia America)
    1.5K 58 3

    Based on the true Cold War events of a trapped whale and an enemy becoming an unexpected ally.

  • A Nerd and A Football Player
    7.1K 276 8

    Of course Ivan Braginski the school nerd is in love with, if not obsessed with the one and only Alfred F. Jones. Although it's not so bad when you have him practically hanging over your shoulder.

  • |||Hetalia Facebook Chats|||
    532 21 2

    Have you ever wondered what the Hetalia Facebook chat would look like? Well now you can see for yourself! -------- I know many people have done this already, but I like the idea, so I hope you like of Hetalia chat rooms!

  • in winter
    6.9K 251 6

    Russia would throw away his pride just for a friend (rusame)

  • heart to heart
    564 54 4

    Ivan, captain of almost every sports team, suddenly gets pushed down a peg or two when alfred moves to his school, taking over the track team, swim team, and football team and becomes captain of all three. Alfred had never thought anything about the old team coach, until he learns a odd secret of him. fail title fails...

  • The Sick Superpowers (RusAme Fluff)
    3.6K 90 2

    Ivan's boyfriend, Alfred, has gotten sick. Normally, it's Arthur who has to take care of him. Now, the responsibility has passed to the Russian, and he dreads what is to come.

  • Same Old Love
    926 37 6

    What happens when old feelings spark up,tense and create a living hell for both hosts? [story in progress] Russia X America

  • aGAYnst it all [RusAme]
    4.5K 205 6

    A homophobe Russian and a bisexual American happen to be roommates as they form a sort of bromance. Or does it end up as actual romance? [Hetalia Fanfic. Human! AU] [Hetalia belongs to the almighty Hidekaz Himaruya, the story and art belongs to me!] [Love is Love, Folks! ❤️]

  • Seeing Stars
    501 38 1

    A young American boy is homeschooled and doesn't have any friends. One day he notices a boy walking down his street from the nearby school, the male was the most breath taking sight he had ever seen. Alfred experiences a love at first sight. The American is going to try desperately to get the others attention everyday...

  • Paper Airplanes
    1.8K 139 4

    Commander Ivan Braginski has it all-- a loyal platoon of soldiers, an unmatched winning streak on the battle field, and a boring life. More than anything, he craves a challenge, something to make his life more interesting. When an American pilot gives him the chance, will he remain strong or fall to the weak? Congrats...

  • Written Through Time
    3.8K 203 8

    What happens when you love someone all your life but they might not love you back.

  • Bad Blood
    17.7K 439 11

    America seems different. He's fed up with how he is treated by others. ☆Read on to find out more!☆

  • The sky without Blue
    784 56 9

    Hell can exist in two places The pits of our minds And the pits of our rugged world Alfred jones, a medical officer, Felt as though he's living through both An haven can exist in two places The pits of our hearts And in the glory of our gorgeous sun Ivan Braginski, a lowly private, felt as though he finally foun...

  • Properly Planned, Expertly Executed
    482 25 1

    "In and out, that's how things were always supposed to go. Careful planning, flawless execution, perfect results - with Matt and me that's the only way we could accomplish anything. From childhood, we have been trained to think on our toes, and it's always been favorable for us. It landed us into a great university, g...

  • We're Gonna Do this the Hard Way
    738 36 1

    Prison!AU The Soulmate AU where your chest glows when you get too close.