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  • A Remedy For Sleep- Taagnus
    323 20 1

    Magnus is having trouble sleeping ever since the boys got back from Refuge, and Taako has just the thing to help. NOTES: The boys talk about their backstories briefly, so minor spoiler warning, as well as mild warnings for mentions of death, and references to sex, abuse, and self harm. Enjoy!

  • two bright flames
    244 29 6

    Aubrey Little falls in love with Dani, but struggles with a secret about herself. Danbrey with a twist! [See Author's Note, and look for me on Ao3!]

  • Taakitz Oneshots and HCs
    443 13 1

    Umbrellas are gay now

  • The Adventure Zone ➸ Oneshots
    9.1K 108 4

    This is a collection of oneshots dedicated to "The Adventure Zone," a popular Dungeons and Dragons podcast ran by your sweet baby brother, Griffin McElroy. This collection includes angst, fluff, and a bit of smut (which will be marked as so). Magnus likes hate sex. Taako gets roofied. Merle wants to f*ck the void.

  • The Raven's Blessing (Taakitz one-shot)
    806 46 1

    A cute, short fluff piece I wrote about the Raven Queen finding out about Taako and Kravitz (because I really love the headcanon that the RQ is an overprotective mom) that I finally managed to make myself publish after listening to the finale. Takes place in the months between Lunar Interlude IV and the Suffering Gam...