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  • Short Horror Stories
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    These are a collection of short horror stories I do not own most of them I found most of them on the internet and found them creepy and somewhat scary. Now without further a due I give you my short horror stories!

  • Short HORROR Stories
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    Little stories to help you sleep at night. Oh, and by the way, don't.turn.around... //Some of these aren't written by me, most are, but © to original writers//

  • I Do Believe in Ghost! (Short horror stories)
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    Short horror stories that I originally made, some is from creepypasta and other sites.

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    Just some short horror stories for you to read before going to sleep with lights switched off. Stories that will give you the creeps. Stories that will scare the crap and shit out of you. Enjoy reading! Cover by: MaeganneNichole

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    You will get scared... This awesome book includes the story "trapped" by Iamevil-Ihaveknife (AKA myself)

  • Horror Stories
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    Do you dare to read this book? Get ready for a night full of fear. I take you to horrible and lively stories.

  • Short Horror Stories
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    These are a collection of short horror stories written by me, StarTheSloth™©

  • New Short Horror Stories
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    New horror stories created by inspiring young adults, with dark, state of mind. Some are mine and some are not. Enjoy the slaughtering reads and scary nights. Good Night! P.S dare thy the ones read at night

  • Short Horror Stories
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    I'm trying a new thing to do with horror stories. I'm kind of obsessed with them. I'll write down as many as I think are good. Feel free to message me stories and I'll give your page a shoutout! Feedback is appreciated! I'm really proud of this book. I've put a lot of hard work and effort into it. So thank you for tak...

  • Short Horror Stories
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    Prepare to indulge in your nightmares. Updated weekly. |Copyright.

  • true ghost story
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    this story is a true story

  • Short horror/ghost storys
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    A collection of true and fictional horror/ghost story's.

  • Short Horror Stories
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    Some of these I got from the Internet, others came from my own, psychopathic mind... Enjoy