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  • The Forgotten Ones
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    Magic is a curse, an apperception in the kingdom of Ansan which meant their destiny will always be death. When the kingdom's very own crown princess is born with magic, she is instantly locked away-soon being a forgotten one. or an anecdote where A runaway princess meets a familiar blue eyed wolf that leads her to a...

  • Her Story : Black Tea
    184 29 5

    Even that day, thought she was calmly sitting beside me. Her short hairs gently swaying by the wind. She was wearing a smile but not reaching her eyes. Those sad eyes are looking at those towers on the hill. I know, that she was not looking at the hill. With those unfocused eyes, I know she was somewhere way beyond t...

  • Cupid Screwed Up
    11.3K 546 6

    * Sequel to 'The Wrong Number' * Kaira Jones has had a crush on her hot neighbor ever since she laid eyes on him. Kale, her twin brother, hasn't been much quiet about it either. So when she lands a date with her hot neighbor she feels like she's over the moon. Except that the date turns out to be disastrous and she f...

  • Pillowtalks
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    A number in a library book. A call that saved a life. Two souls entwined through a series of pillowtalks and wine. ° "Why did the sun miss the moon?" "Because they could never see each other?" "Because both of them needed each other to feel complete." °