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  • Scottish Beauty
    5.6M 132K 33

    Known for their beauty, the Campbell sisters have many men vying for their hands, but as Lady Emma was the eldest, she was to become Laird of Castle Campbell. She was the most sought after for any man to marry her would one day help her rule the Campbell Clan. After her shocking kidknapping and many months of sea...

    Completed   Mature
  • Indomitable Rejected Human
    221K 8.5K 30

    Mate I slowly looked up to see shocked ocean blue eyes staring intently at me. I grimaced because my mate had to be the player, my soon-to-be Alpha, Selden Woods. He scowled, pulling his hands away, making my heart sink deep into my chest. My fists clenched involuntarily. He smirked and gave me a once over. I knew w...

    Completed   Mature
  • Indebt with the Mafia
    316K 5.9K 9

    They say the worse thing you can do is selling your soul to the devil. I didn't exactly sell my soul to the devil but I might as well have. I sold my life to the mafia, and not just any mafia, one of the most dangerous one of all, the Ardizzone Mafia to be exact. They don't play any games and are known to give just on...

  • Five Star Hotel
    22.1M 752K 44

    |#2 in Romance 2/20/16| *** So he sent you here. The dirtiest, grimiest, most vile building in New York City. The building where countless have silently lost their lives. He sent you to this Five Star Hotel so you could feel the fear that comes without having his protection. He picked one of the most dangerous places...

  • Rejection
    98.8K 4.3K 15

    Faith Williams is 19 bullied by one member of her pack her name is Emma for her weight. Faiths parents are wolves unfortunately Faiths doesn't have a wolf and doesn't think she will ever have one. If by any chance she does have a mate he will have to except her for who she is this is not a book where the girl slims do...

  • The Shy Nerd is My Mate, and I'm Her Teacher(Completed)
    873K 23.5K 24

    Emily is the shy, nerdy girl of her school, hiding a huge secret. Daniel is the history teacher, 22, an alpha, and mate less. What happens when fate brings them together as mates? How will this student/teacher relationship turn out? Read more to find out;)