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  • His Secret Wife
    39.8M 663K 56

    [SARMIENTO SERIES #1] I'm Cassandra Talavera or should I say, Cassandra Talavera-Sarmiento. And being his wife is my biggest secret. Published under PSICOM Publishing Inc. Available in all bookstores nationwide for only 150 pesos. There's a special chapter included in the book which is not available here on Wattpad. ...

  • She's Dangerous (COMPLETED)
    328K 6.5K 74

    "Don't get too close its dark inside. It's where my demons hide."

  • Mr. badboy's girl (COMPLETED)
    166K 3.5K 41

    "Hindi basehan ang estado sa buhay para ito ay maging hadlang pagdating sa pag-ibig." -Hezyl San Jose ------------------------ ORIGINAL STORY BY: jhazzbalerina

  • She's Really a Bitch (BOOK 2 of TDT)
    133K 4.3K 31

    The BITCH is BACK!! But the past is still hunting the present. What will she do?? Will she fight for her Lover in the Past? Or her Lover in the Present?

  • The Devil Twins BOOK 1
    527K 14.8K 35

    She's bitch and She's Demon Don't mess with them, Because if you do YOUR DEAD!!! Bitch is her name and Demon is her name

  • The Mafia's Queen
    370K 6.6K 54

    She is the new queen.The Mafia's Queen is she the one who will fix the town?or the one who will ruin it?

  • Married The Mafia Queen (complete) (still editing)
    714K 13.6K 57

    highest rank #11 in action (April 3,2017) Started Writing:July 2016 Finish Writing:November 2016

  • Proving The Bad Boy Wrong (Complete & Editing)
    9.4M 253K 44

    Ava Ramirez thought her life couldn’t get any worse after managing to get deported from Japan but it does when she finds out she is getting sent back to America and to a life she thought she had left behind for good. If there is one thing Ava hates its being underestimated and when she meets notorious bad boy Gabriel...

  • DEMON PRINCESS-The Gangster Queen
    2.3M 46.7K 63

    It is a gangster story wherein the Gangster King and Queen meets in the worst scenario. How will Keith/Demon Princess fall inlove with King/ Phantom King? And what will King do once he realizes that the nerd who ruins his day already caught his heart? Which will he choose? The queen, the nerd or the woman behind the b...

  • Seven Deadly Sins
    151K 4K 53

    It is the sequel of Demon Princess: The Gangster Queen ----- Teaser: "You won't beg." It's more of a statement than a question. "Begging is useless. You won't listen anyway and I'm not afraid of death." She manage to smile sweetly kahit pa man nakakatutok na ang baril sa kanyang noo mismo. "Any final wish?" He asked w...

  • The Famous Legendary Gangster is a Nerd
    11.1M 232K 65

    COMPLETED/UNEDITED A girl who uses fake eyeglasses to suppress her identity accidentally bumped the notorious King of Lee-Park International. Was it a coincidence or a twist of fate?

  • Pregnant By The Mafia Boss[COMPLETED]
    4.6M 81.1K 41

    All My life Having a simple life is my Dream when I Got married , Marry a man I love and Have a child with him and also have a Happy Family and away from any trouble But how can I have a simple life because of that night , That NIGHT I meet a Total Stranger and Have a one night stand with him And Shit He Got me P...

  • Winter the mafia heir ( Completed )
    367K 8.5K 46

    Winter Mae Wayland. . the typical girl that you don't want to mess with fierce,gorgeous, intelligent she has it all. . but what if the demon inside her that her family doesn't want to see will suddenly awake? what will happen? is it Good? or worst? ________________________ Winter the mafia heir also known as winter...

    Completed   Mature
  • She's the Mafia Boss
    4.2M 77.5K 120

    [HIGHEST RANK: #1 in Action] Book 1 & 2 Meet Kryssa Lavelle Vaughan. She is dangerous, fearless, a genius brainiac, a sharp shooter and an underboss of their mafia. The daughter of the Kaishi Mafia's king and queen. She will be the successor and heiress of Kaishi Mafia. SHE'S THE MAFIA BOSS. NOTE: Expect the unexpecte...

  • CRY OF THE CASANOVA [Ms.Fearless VS Mr. Casanova, #1]
    2.5M 20.3K 95

    The story revolves around two people who completely live in two different worlds. A handsome young man, naming John Rafael Gonzales, who's a casanova and a concrete heartbreaker. And a beautiful woman, naming Georgina Marie Sandoval who's a spoiled and fearless heir of the El Amor Hotel. What would happen if these two...

    Completed   Mature