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  • Ricochet [weekly updates]
    1.4K 95 10

    Eli West's death was almost as good as forgotten after one chaotic night and a few days of wild, mindless speculation. But his return, took the town like a tidal wave that washed away the peace of the uneventful town. With five different identities and five different names, the mysterious boy comes back to the same t...

  • Eloquence
    2.3K 191 5

    Imagine the perfect life. Not any life but your perfect life? Does it involve kids, a husband and marriage? When Eloise envisions her perfect life kids do not enter the equation but a long lost boy does. When Eloise was young she lived with her aunt, there she was friends with a boy - a neighbour she was forbidden to...

  • The Wandering Willow
    5.9K 428 7

    Meet Willow Celeste. After caring for her mother for so long, and losing her so tragically, Willow is haunted by a deep, and seemingly impenetrable sadness. Her eyes scream out in desperation and pain at anybody who can bare to look into them. When her mother dies, Willow's guardianship is left to a family friend - s...

  • Rain Over Me
    39.3K 983 21

    It's like a thunderstorm is constantly surrounding Rosalie Summers. At the age of just six years old, her life is changed forever. From having her parents die in a car crash, to being stuck at a crappy orphanage and bullied everyday... Life isn't exactly easy. But then Blaze Nightly came along. He saved her from the b...

  • His New Toy (boyxboy)
    4.8M 105K 36

    Maxwell Evans is used to being abused by everyone. Why? because he is beautiful with his giant baby like blue eyes and heartbreaking smile, he is a magnet for women...and men. He is always surrounded by girls and has never had one male friend in life, this causes boys to beat him because they think his gay or they wan...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Attic of Secrets
    1.8K 52 3

    What if your attic held a secret that your parents forbid you to know? What if they swore you could never know? What if it was killing you to know it? That's life for Vicki. Her parents won't let her in the attic. They never will. But Vicki wants to know why they are so secretive about it. After all, it's just an ordi...

  • Zachary
    133K 2.2K 23

    According to her father, Nicole Robinson has lived a extremely privileged life despite their modest middle-class status. To help his daughter begin to appreciate what she has, he forces Nikki to volunteer at a homeless shelter in downtown LA. Reluctantly, Nikki agrees, only to find herself thrown into the lives of cou...

  • Elementals [PAUSED]
    502 36 2

    The elements: water, fire, earth, air. These elements can only be controlled by people called Elementals. Almost everyone has a little Elemental blood inside of them. But only some people can actually fully control an element. The government has a secret program that watches over powerful Elementals. The government...

  • The Dark Side of the Moon
    6.8K 118 12

    What if everything you believed in, wasn't entirely true? What if everything you thought you knew, was a complete lie? In the darkness of the night, one should never walk alone for there are secrets and monsters hidden you never thought existed.

  • Sam the Assassin(s)
    1.4K 77 4

    Samantha Shinoda's To-do List: 1. Shopping (extra sweets for Eva) 2. GET money to shop with 3. Get a JOB (maybe work for the Logan's?) 4. ^^ No way in hell. 5. Get some REAL money. Fast. 6. Corrupt an innocent rich kid. (Again, the Logan's?) 7. Let's take this one step at a time, hey? 8. Learn to master my, uh... tale...

  • Guardians:Rise of Two
    4.7K 169 7

    There comes a time when one has to reluctantly stand up for those who can not defend themselves . Ben , Rose, Ntunji, Kenny and Dave are normal youngsters getting on with their lives. Separated by 5 colonies their paths are about to cross in a way they could never have predicted. With the discovery of The Twin Rings...

  • The P. P. A. Project
    761K 8.3K 22

    Pandora Paige Alexander is the main focus of what the government has cleverly named the P. P. A. Project. The project is a series of government run facilities, tests and inspections to learn and replicate a rare condition Pandora has lived with for more than 90 years and yet still has the face of a 17 year old. But wh...

  • Fallen
    1.7K 65 5

    I'm a Angel, I'm full of goodness oh... I'm almost dead, being hunted I have broken wings not to mention I'm stuck in the Himalayas.

  • Shades of Grey
    425K 7.6K 31

    Aurora Finch is about to start her seventh year at Hogwarts. She thinks she's got everything figured out, that is, until she meets the new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor, Remus Lupin. Lines become blurry as the tension between them grows everyday. They both have secrets that could destroy everything. Will she...

  • The Post-it
    2.2K 86 2

    ...David finds himself falling more and more in love with her. He didn't think it was possible, but apparently it is. He has never seen such a beautiful woman; not then, not now, not ever. She has no clue at all who he is, or who he was. But she will -- that, he promised......

  • Just one Assignment
    1.4K 28 6

    Five unlikely friends are put together for a group assignment. When one of them gets kidnapped, and they are threatened not to tell. They have to try to find their missing classmate and stay under the radar at the same time. High school drama is thrown into the mix as well as a little romance. A great read for any tee...

  • Fated Encounters
    1.7K 52 9

    We underestimate things too much. Even the simplest thing, can have the most complex meaning. A single encounter, a single glance, a word uttered, a secret thought, a hidden wish – these all have hidden powers we don't know of. And when we then take them lightly, the consequences can be disastrous. The misuse of these...

  • My Best Mistake
    45.4K 1.3K 9

    Who would have thought that something unusual could have happened on a trip to Vegas? Candy Williams had 'the not so good feeling' when Charlie tagged along with them. But how could a pure hatred turned in an accidental marriage which neither Candy nor Charlie can annul?

  • A Beautiful, Terrible Love
    306K 2.1K 25

    Dex, meet Eve. The only girl with as much or more talent than you have. The only girl as beautiful as you are. The only girl able to snag your heart... The girl who's life you completely and utterly ruined.

  • Foxblood: A Brush with the Moon
    995K 12.2K 37

    Complete at 75,000 words. One incident is all it takes to change your life. For Sophie it happened the day the fox attacked her. When Sophie moves to university, she is finally happy; reunited with her best friend and spending time doing the one thing she loves, art. Life’s perfect. Or is it? In Fosswell, nothing is a...

  • Do You Know Eva?
    433K 11.2K 26

    Whether it's at home or at school, Eva Lynch is an outcast. Between her abusive and alcoholic mother and dealing with the typical problems of a teenage girl, Eva struggles with adopting her personality and sexuality too - suicide seems like the only option left, but things don't end the way she plans and soon her pers...

  • Dog Tags
    35.8K 683 22

    Sloane admired her brother for all he was worth even until the last days of his death. When he was killed in action, Sloane makes a daring choice and decides to join the military, so that she would be the one to kill her brother's murderer.

  • Jason Binx And The Curse Of The Massacre Manor
    52.6K 814 20

    Jason Binx and His friend Greg Walsh plan to make a documentary of the 'haunted' Massacre Manor, but when things take a turn for the worst will Binx be able to fix everything and still come out alive?

  • The Transient Wife
    12.4M 278K 34

    One drunken day, Cassandra gets the proposal she can never refuse from the arrogant Philip Strindberg. Thrown into a marriage she never wanted in the first place, Cassandra will struggle on how to maintain her carefree attitude while trying to keep her cool whenever she is around her husband. Pranks, adventure, chores...

  • Killing Romance - in the Name of Love
    92 3 1

    You see, Steph doesn't want to let anyone in since Kieran. And she has good reason to. But then she meets Sam. He's exactly like Kieran - they even look alike. She can't help her feelings, but she feels absolutely horrible for feeling what she does.

  • H for Hartley [EDITING, not updating until present chapters are re-written]
    4K 99 22

    "I don't have a special type of blood. I don't have an impenetrable mind. I don't have an alluring sent. I don't have any diseases. I'm just normal. Like everyone in this town should be. At first, nothing happened. I was saddened, wishing something would. But by the time I had agreed that I didn't want it anymore, eve...

  • True Love Don't Find Me
    4K 80 11

    Katy was 10 when her 13 year old best guy friend raped her, now 6 years later she still relives that moment every day. She keeps everyone at a distance never wanting to be touched again. Her parents don't know what to do they want to help her but don't know how. Katy planned on being alone forever until she bumps into...

  • A Final Song, A Last Request
    143K 1.7K 25

    As he came in front of me, the crowd surged forward and surrounded the area. I was being compressed into the railings and screamed out in pain. He heard me. As I saw him look into my eyes, I lost all trails of thought and my heart was racing. As his gazed lingered, I became more flustered and my face grew a deeper sha...