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  • A Study In Pamela Pickett
    5.2K 374 7

    A story in which two people--a mundane author and a self-righteous artist--embark on a journey across the state of Illinois to find a recluse painter, also known as the artist behind Pamela Pickett's favorite mural; "A Study in Women".

  • Driving Doctor Mayhem
    393K 24.9K 46

    PERSONAL ASSISTANT NEEDED. People skills optional. Ability to take drink orders preferred. Personal mode of transport a MUST. To Reply, Contact Dr. M's home office: 1-555-TRBLE-4-U (Idiots and those prone to knock-knock jokes need not apply.) ◎ ◎ ◎ Nobody in their righ...

  • No Capes - **Removed for Editing**
    13.3M 2.5K 4

    Please learn more about what's going on with this story in the first chapter!

  • I'm Fine, Thanks for Asking
    11.3K 668 5

    A seventeen year old boy named Jacob meets his (potentially insane) birth father for the first time, and goes with him on a road trip to dig up Nazi war paintings, hoping for a quick million. Or billion. Whatever works. A story about loving the ones who raised you and forgiving the ones who didn't.

  • Loveseat Nights
    43.9K 2.1K 12

    Yesterday, Mona Lieber saw something she shouldn't have. Now she's got an ignorant boy wrapped around her finger, teaching him a lesson about the arts of entertainment. Today, Adrien Finkwell is suffering through 28 nights of classic movies. If he doesn't, one very snarky girl will spill a dark secret of his. They b...

  • Rhodes
    8.8K 702 7

    "I'll just take a taxi." "Across the country?" "... Okay, maybe a lot of taxis." || © deviltown 2014 ||

  • She is Not Made of Roses
    170K 5.3K 16

    Rosie Alder-Pembrook isn’t planning on letting her ultra-feminist club get shut down due to the senior class council’s budget cutbacks (and to be honest, it’s kind of killing her senior year buzz). But when it seems that the only way to revive it is to strike a deal with the semi-sexist/mostly ignorant Class Council p...

  • Mr. Brandolini's Assignment
    10.1K 606 13

    A reluctant study in adulthood. Featuring: quiet kite-lover Jürgen Lilienthal, reckless and self-defeating optimist Leena Mathew, handsome pre-med Omar Madane, and of course, Mr. Brandolini himself. {spiritual #57}

  • Top Bunk
    421K 20.2K 33

    A BUNCH OF STUFF ELIZABETH ("please for the love of god call me El") THROPP DOESN'T EXPECT: 1. Her mom signing her up to be a counselor at her old summer camp ("I don't care if it's for extra credit, mom!"). 2. That children are this annoying ("no, you can't have another stupid cookie"). 3. Sharing a cabin with Grac...

    Completed   Mature