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  • Endeavor (Rick Grimes FF Pre Apocalypse)
    834 40 2

    What happens when Rick Grimes has met a new lady before the dead started to live?

  • Surviving The Cold
    3.5K 228 16

    Rick and Layla went on a run for supplies, When the van they are driving runs out of gas. Now a huge snowstorm is looming in the distance. Will they be able to find shelter in time.

    Completed   Mature
  • Alone▼Rick Grimes
    21.5K 906 8

    ❝ keep a close watch on this heart of mine I keep my eyes wide open all the time I keep the ends out for the tie that binds Because you're mine, I walk the line❞ Rebecca Steele is practically a walker herself amongst the apocalyptic world, until a certain sheriff on a supply run realizes the human in her when nobody e...

  • Even When The Dead Is Walking. (Rick Grimes) {Wattys2017} *EDITING*
    112K 2.7K 37

    Millie met Rick Grimes back when he first joined the group, when Rick finds his family and Millie knows about Lori's affair with Shane, what happens? [Season 1-]

  • A Bit of Hope: A Rick Grimes Love Story
    982 20 3

    Ella finds something within the new group in Alexandria. Hope and happiness. :D

  • Fate Series: Unsure Fate
    466 27 4

    Nia is having trouble forgiving Rick. She loses interest quickly. Can Rick win her back or is she a lost cause? Give it a CHANCE people. :D

  • His Sanity || Walking Dead Love Story
    134K 3.6K 30

    Lauren Howard, friend of the Grimes Family, she was with Lori and Carl every step of the way. But she cared about Rick, Rick and her go way back. Ever since high school, she introduced Lori to Rick and they lived happily ever after. Until of course, they were having some family issues. Lauren was the one that helped R...

  • Fate
    1.4K 78 14

    One girl, Nia Nicole, is found and led to the Alexandria Safe Zone with Rick Grimes. A strong bond grows between the two as Nia is faced with many challenges.

  • Six Feet Under ➳ Rick Grimes
    171K 3.5K 28

    Janey is a young woman with a bold heart, tough mindset and a certain motherly instinct. She's known Rick and Carl since Carl was just a baby, she attended his mother, Lori's funeral. After Lori died when Carl was a baby, Janey took lots of care of Carl when Rick was at work. Although Rick never got over the feeling t...

  • A Rick Grimes love story
    36.6K 786 28


  • Live or Love (a Rick Grimes love story)
    4.5K 142 10

    After the world goes to hell with the zombie apocalypse Hailey and her best friend Glenn decide to become part of a group that lives outside Atlanta. But one day when's she goes on a run with Glenn and few others, what will happen when they save a man in a sheriffs uniform that Hailey can't stop thinking about. will s...

  • Breakage(Rick grimes love story)
    38K 1.1K 42

    (EDITING FOR GRAMMAR )>~<..Will her family be the reason for survival or would it be the love that she has for rick and his son . What would ashley do when she comes face to face with life or dead decisions . Will she give in or will she fight.

  • Falling Together
    15.3K 595 13

    You can survive loving another with every fibre of your being and not being able to being able to be with them. You can survive the pain of loving someone so deeply you let them go becomes the only answer. You can survive loosing the person you love to another as it eats you up inside seeing them together. If the hea...

  • How did I end up here? The walking dead Rick grimes Romance fanfiction
    474K 10.2K 91

    I stop. My feet can't carry me any further, my lungs are burning and my vision is blurry from tears streaming down my face. I've lost everything how can I carry on? I turn to see the never ending mass of the dead following me, everywhere, always, they will never leave me be. I've lost everything, have they no compassi...

  • Cease »» TWD (Rick Grimes, Negan)
    75.8K 5.3K 104

    The apocalyptic world is over. No more fear, danger, or blood, right? Is the apocalyptic world really over or is it just beginning? - SEQUEL TO HAVEN (The Walking Dead, Rick Grimes fanfiction) No, you don't have to read Haven if you don't want to, but I definitely recommend it so everything makes more sense! Thanks...

  • The Start ( Rick Grimes love story from The Walking Dead/ TWD)
    7.5K 125 9

    One airborne disease/infection whatever you want to call it causes everything in the world to crumble. No Military, No Government nothings left. Whats happen when 17 year old Kayla wakes up in the hospital with nobody in it or so she thinks. DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE AMC'S THE WALKING DEAD CHARACTERS, HO...

  • Rough Days ~•~Rick Grimes Love Story~•~
    4K 113 17

    Raven Goodman lived a normal with her dad, she works at her dads gun training store, went hunting with him every weekend, then she got engaged to a guy named Tyler, he abused her but she still loved him dearly, then the out break happened, the Zombie Apocalypse, yes the dead came to life and she lost her dad and fianc...

  • Haven »•» TWD (Rick Grimes)
    378K 11.4K 112

    "I lose myself everyday and then I come back here to you, and you save me. You're my haven." _ COVER BY THE AMAZING: DEIREY (her books are amazing and she makes amazing covers holy crap I love her GO CHECK HER BOOKS OUT IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY

  • (On hold temporarily) When you're lonely... {Rick grimes love story}
    6.5K 111 16

    THIS IS MOSTLY A RICK X MAIN CHARACTER LOVE STORY (Just to warn you, if you love Lori and don't want Rick to move on...don't read this. Also, be prepared for some major add ons and story changes. xo) Bradley has been independent since the beginning of the apocalypse, when she finally can't take being alone anymore, sh...

  • Walking Home (Rick Grimes Romance)
    2.7K 128 8

    In a world that took more than it gave Rick had lost more than his far share. What was left was a man who survived because he had no choice. Coming from poverty Nadine never had anything to loose. It was little more than spite that kept her walking through her existence. A chance encounter will bring these two togeth...

  • Do What's Right (Rick Grimes Love Story)
    13.5K 426 11

    Survival in the upcoming apocalyptic world isn't so easy for one girl. Things will get tough, and things will get better. Read to learn the story of a girl named Meghan!

  • Andrew Lincoln/Rick Grimes Imagines
    56.3K 1K 26

    Andrew Lincoln Imagines!!!

  • Rick Grimes/Andrew Lincoln Imagines
    25K 676 26

    There isn't really many imagine books of our Andrew Lincoln so I thought I'd make one. Hope you guys like it and requests are available :)

  • Falling (Rick Grimes Romance)
    44.7K 1.5K 28

    Jenna had thought she had put Rick behind her. Saying goodbye to the one man she truly loved. Rick had moved on or at least that's what he told himself. He couldn't live in the past so that only left the future. Living together in the prison where their love once flourished with the two people who brought it down is...

  • One Hope In This World
    6K 235 9

    Piper Holloway was living a good life. She was in nursing school and had a loving family. The world went to shit and it was just Piper and her brother Hunter against the whole population of dead people. Piper comes across a group of survivors and begins to build relationships with all of them especially, Rick Grimes.

  • Blue Eyes(Rick Grimes Fanfic)
    388 16 1

    A 17 yr old girl is found in a pit and meets Rick Grimes, a Guy who is/was a cop/sheriff and she starts to fall for him. Rick is married and has a son named Carl. will rick fall for her, or will he not like Shantell at all? if he falls will Carl like shantell? will he be happy?

  • Truthful (Rick Grimes Love Story)
    8.5K 281 7

    Hazel was just wandering about when she ran into one of her old best friends, Rick Grimes. What will she do when she slowly falls in love with him, what will Lori do when she finds out?

  • Infected Hearts { Rick Grimes Fanfiction }
    221 8 1

    26 year old Katy Grace had never thought her life could get worse. First her abusive parents and now a zombie apocalypse. Months after the fall of society she found a safe haven, also known as Alexandria. Katy starts to develop a close bond to this community, taking daily watch duties, going out on supply runs... Unti...

  • Rick Grimes Forbidden Love
    559 27 4

    Who would have known that the world would collapse from a virus? My name is Emma. I was in the military before all this started so it wasn't a big deal to kill those assholes. I had gotten out of Atlanta without getting bitten or killed. I was heading to my family. They own a place far from Atlanta so i have a goal fo...