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  • My Vampire Boy [BoyxBoy] (MPreg)
    1.8M 62.8K 41

    (WARNING: sexual content, touchy subjects and is in fact a BoyxBoy story. No hates on the story! If you don't like gay people, do not read it). Riley is a boy that is having a shitty life and is struggling from self harm, insecurities with his body, being alone and the fact that he is gay, everyone in his school knows...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Highlander's Touch
    8.2M 279K 48

    *Want a paperback copy? Go here: (The link is also on my profile)* Terrified of being sent off to marry a man who would only control her, Saeran Sinclair disguises her identity by posing as a male. Instead of being the renowned beauty that she really is, she must help her siste...

    Completed   Mature
  • Awakening to Life
    9.7M 33.7K 10

    Everyone dies, someday and somehow. Sixteen year old Allie is dying of cancer. More than anything, she wants to be a normal teenager. But pretending is exhausting and the lies pile up. With a chance at first love and true friends, Allie must choose between maintaining the pretence or risking everything with the trut...

  • Imaginary (boyxboy) -Complete-
    419K 13.9K 24

    Tyler Greer is terrified of people; in fact, he is so terrified that he only has one friend in the entire world: Jerry. Jerry is his everything, his soul mate. There is just one problem. Tyler is the only person in the world who can even see him; Tyler is in love with his imaginary friend. Despite this, the two have m...

  • Alpha's Eyes [My One and Only]
    559K 6.7K 16

    NO WEREWOLVES IN THIS STORY ***Currently being rewritten*** "Look an Alpha in the eyes and he'll find himself a prize." They warned about looking in an Alpha's eyes, but they didn't say that last part. Maybe if they included that tidbit then I would've taken them seriously.

  • Forgotten in the Shadows [boyxboy]
    37.8K 457 20

    ASA is a well rounded teen with a sore heart granted his ungrateful father and mother who kicked him out. Asa got abused by his father physically and mentally. To top it all off , he's gay. JAMES is a good kid with a normal dad and mom living in a nice, gated community. So what happens when the two cross paths when As...

  • Souls Entwined (boyxboy) (On Hold)
    29.2K 911 11

    Alexander and Elizabeth Leblanc were inseparable as children. They shared only a bond twins contained, but when they turned sixteen, they came to realize they possessed abilities far beyond the people around them. The Leblanc twins were psychics. When Alexander loses his sister to a malicious spirit, he vows to devote...

  • My Dom or My Mate?
    2.4M 28.1K 50

    ADULT CONTENT! DO NOT READ IF UNDER 18!! This is a story of love and desire, Passion, sex and a whole lot of BDSM! When confusion clouds your brain, what way do you turn?? Do you follow your heart or your urges? Which leads to the question: MY DOM OR MY MATE? PLEASE DO NOT ASK ME TO EMAIL OUT THE PRIVATE CHAPTERS. THE...

    Completed   Mature
  • Alpha Mine
    19.4M 275K 50

    For the most part Dava's led a happy life. She had everything that she needed; a loving family, a good home and her romance books. She was saved by the man that she now calls father at the age of five and grew up lacking for nothing. She was the quiet, shy type in school and stayed in the background for the most pa...

  • Royalty vs Rogues
    9.1M 202K 34

    Nixon is the Heir to the throne of The Island of Wolves. Nixon believes he would be a better ruler than his father. He completely loathes the idea of Rogues, knowing they are a lost cause and bring shame to the Werewolf Kingdom. What happens when Nixon meets his mate, and when she turns out to be what he most hates? M...

  • Dangerous Attractions(on
    79.6K 940 10

    "I know all about you guys" she said with a smirk on her face "And just so you know am not afraid of you, Ancient or no Ancient you can go to hell" A love story between a human girl that knows everything about the supernatural world and a Ancient Vampire that doesn't know what to do first...kill her or take her into h...

  • Old Flames
    2.8M 28.8K 34

    Lainie Moon and Aaron Dozier have a history, a present, and a possible future. This story was the creation of many helpful suggestions by readers at the time of the writing. Thank you, everyone, who helped out!

  • Black Equation - The Deceived Ones
    565K 5.6K 16

    "Things will never be the same again." Gneiss Underwood never thought that he could have a shot of a normal life. Growing up in an environment where everything defied sanity, guns and loneliness were his normal companions, if not danger and Death himself. An UnGifted teenager whose soul had been sold to the devil, he...