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  • Eclipse | l.c.
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    Moon and the Sun together. Only the one Moon and one Sun, can break it. - "We're nothing like our groups. We're like the Eclipse. The opposites come together, to make something, extreme."

  • (Not) Good Enough
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    On screen, Katherine Cimorelli is the ray of sunshine we all know and love her to be. Off screen is another story. Tortured by constant anxiety and self-destructive thoughts, Katherine does not believe she will ever live up to the image of her sisters. Her sisters who, unintentionally and unknowingly, cause her depres...

  • Cimorelli Proof
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    Why would a homeless teen with a funny accent be living on the streets of California?

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  • The Hunter
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    Dani Cimorelli, sudden disappears at the age of 10 without a trace. Everyone believes she is dead and never going to be found. What happened when Dani sudden reappears after 8 years but, something's different? This story takes place in 2010 - 2018 (I love the three younger boys but, I'm to lazy to add them. I'm just l...

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  • Pokemon Go! Comics and Memes
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    I know everyone probably wondering or not I should just do a regular Pokemon Go book because I'm still learning about Pokemon Go. As soon I'm good I will publish a regular story but I want to do some comics.

  • That's So Relatable!
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    Memes, teen posts, realatable quotes and more! I'm putting all the ones that I think are funny. I hope you enjoy!

  • Cimorelli One Shots
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  • Jokes and Images Pokemon Fans May Understand 2
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    NOTHING BELONGS TO ME! Gifs, Images, and other things belong to their respected owners. Highest Rating: #241 Random (8/11/16)

  • Torn: Family vs Faction *Amy Cimorelli*
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    Amy Cimorelli grew up with the Dauntless lifestyle, hoping one day that she, herself could become a real Dauntless member, at least that's what she thought. All of her family is in Dauntless except for her older sister Lisa, She went to Erudite but thankfully everyone in the family respected her decision. She fina...

  • Jokes and Images Pokemon Fans May Understand
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    NOTHING BELONGS TO ME! Images, Gifs and other things belong to their respected owners. Highest Rating: #37 Random (5/21/2016)

  • Dani Cimorelli One-Shots
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    Cover by: @sshownu

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  • Absolutely Final Goodbye || megan and liz
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    "This is my absolutely final I am really leaving goodbye"

  • *Cimorelli One Shots*
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    Okay so pretty much one shots about the girls. Pretty much sums it up I guess, can't really give a description but I will be doing any ship you guys want! Send me a msg of an idea and I will make a one shot up about it and you can put yourself in it!! Hope y'all enjoy it! <3

  • You Know You're a Pokefan When... {Pokemon}
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    This book is a list of ways to tell if you're a hardcore Pokefan or not. Key word: hardcore. Not all of these will apply to you, but most of them apply to me, so enjoy anyways! (Disclaimer: I don't own Pokemon or the image used in the cover)

  • Breaking Walls (Lauren Cimorelli)
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    Coley Anderson. 16 years old. Has a huge crush on Amber Dawson. Lauren Cimorelli. 17 years old. Lost one of the most important people in her life. What happens when these two girls meet? (A girlxgirl story, don't read if you don't like. Don't send hate, it just makes you look ignorant and pathetic. Also, this is my fi...

  • She disappeared (Dauren Cimorelli)
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    The truth is, i miss you already. All the time, every second, every minute, every hour, every day. Read the story for more information :P [WARNING BAD ENGLISH IN THIS]

  • Broken Record- Dani Cimorelli (Fanfic)
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    No matter how hard we try, nothing seems to change. We are just a broken record that keeps on repeating.

  • Still See You <Dani Cimorelli story>
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    Dani Cimorelli's best friend passes away. dani breaks and gives up on a lot of stuff.

  • Who Killed Lisa?
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    Le 22 juillet 2016 Christina,Katherine,Amy,Lauren et Dani sont arrêtées par la police car elles sont soupçonnées d'avoir tuée Lisa,leur propre sœur qui est décédée la nuit dernière.Que s'est-il réellement passer la nuit du 21 Juillet 2016?Que vont être les arguments et les alibis des filles?Et surtout ont-elles vraime...

  • Cimorelli Facts
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    Just a bunch of Cimorelli facts. :) Remeber I can only know so much about the family! I didn't get these on my own, I found them on various videos, website etc. BOOK TWO IS OUT! :)

  • Thoughts
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    Not a story, more on life.

  • Cimorelli Songbook (One shots+)
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    Every song has its own story. Welcome to Cimorelli Songbook One shots. Basically it's Cimorelli songs in story form. All one shots. There will be some songs that have such a deep story, it will take more time. NOTE:The Hearts On Fire mixtape songs will have a two shot. Because some songs from the mixtape are on this a...

  • Cimorelli One-Shot ✓
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    [TERMINÉ]Ici vous retrouverez pleins de petites histoires, extraits sur les Cimorelli. Certains triste et d'autres heureux, dépendant de mon humeur. ✎ novembre 2015

  • Pain- Cimorelli
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    Lauren, Dani, Christian, Nick and Joey live with their unlce and aunt since their parents died and their older siblings weren't able to look for them. Mike and Christina work but it's not enough to look for the younger once. The uncle and aunt of the Cimorelli family abuse the younger kids. Since Lauren is oldest of t...

  • Strangers- Lisa Cimorelli (Fanfic)
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    I don't understand our relationship. Sometimes we are friends, and sometimes we're more than friends. But other times we are non existent in each others lives. We have become strangers who know each other all to well.

  • Cimorelli Forever Lives (C F L)
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    You all know Cimorelli. The girl band consisting of six sisters. It's been years and they all have had their own families. By the time Christina's third daughter turned 21, Katherine's second daughter was 19, Lisa's first 18, Amy's third became 15, Laurens first 13, and Dani's fourth 11 they all started hanging out m...

    Completed   Mature
  • Always & Forever
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    Not just an ordinary Dauren story........